valley. volume eight.

this post is going to be short and sweet. over the last two weekends i have had the time to go home and see my parents AND host my sister in chicago. its been wonderful to be around family and to spend time in two great cities. the pictures below are some of the visual highlights.


spending time with grandpa mooney. he's 91 folks.

tailgating with half of the itty bitty party committee...not sure if she'd prefer to be the itty bitty part or the party committee part? either way she was the perfect tailgate host.

view from our bleacher seats at the cubs game last weekend. the cubs lost...

friends in the city. this is my sister liz (on the right, remember her from here) and one of her besties from college. i still feel like the "little" sister around liz and her friends. they are still SO much cooler than i will ever be.

finally as a follow up and because i've gotten a few requests to see what i wore to my friend's wedding, here's the one crappy photo i have of myself. dress: elizabeth and james. shoes: topshop. bag: asos.

terrible picture, sorry. but FABULOUS wedding!

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