valley. fall wish list.

valley's wish list

since our last posts were about the end of summer, it only seems appropriate to have the first posts after labor day be about back to school lists. even though neither of us are still in school, back to school shopping has certainly translated well into shopping for a new fall clothing!

here's a look a the thing currently on my fall "lust" list.  i know it seems a little all over the place, but what i like about my wish list is that i am aiming to mix casual with dressier pieces. i would certainly wear this white chunky sweater over either of these two dresses. i'd also pair the outfit with either funky flats or booties for two great day look.

and nothing beats an accessories that can go from day to night seamlessly {check out that chan luu wrap bracelet, dying!} i am also always looking for a new scarf or hat to add just the right touch to an outfit. fall hats seem to be everywhere this year. so take a look around, find a hat that you like, looks good on you, and buy it. i have a feeling you & i will be wearing it a lot in the next few months :)

happy fall.
xo. valley

does anyone know when pumpkin spice lattes are back....hmmm.....yum.


  1. oo I love those flats! And I think the pumpkin spice latte came back on sept 1st. I can't wait to get one!

  2. Ooh love the orange dress! so cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  3. This is so charming fall wishlist. Lovely colours and versatile items.
    I'm so excited about Fall.

    xoxo Ra