CAMera. valley.

our mom, previously seen on the blog here & here, is an amazing knitter! she made the hat that valley is wearing in today's post & the one that cake wears in tomorrow's post!!! she whipped both these hats up in a matter of hours! that's right hours, not days! she refuses to think her product is worth documenting but just in case she comes to the grand conclusion that she missed her calling, we came up with a name for her knit line. her initials are CAM so when you add -era to then end to make the word camera, but when you break it down it would be like her own little era of time claimed by her initials!!!! clever we know :)

we call this style the raspberry beret; isn't it delicious!


cake & valley

and if you think the hats we're wearing are cute you should see the sweaters, mittens, socks, and toddler clothes she makes . . . swoon.

sweater: eileen fisher {similar here}, tank: wet seal, vest: bb dakota {similar here}, blazer: target, pants: j.crew, boots: tory burch {similar here}, bag: michael kors,  hat: made by our CAMera (aka mom.)


birth-blog-day-iversary. cake & valley.

the title of this post sounds like we just sneezed & hiccuped all at the same time: excuse-god-me-bless-you :) today is our 30th birthday & our one year blogiversary. yup, you read that right. today is a big day for us, two big events all celebrated on one fabulous day! basically because we're twins we always have to do big event in twos!!! HA! we started cake & valley with this post; with that post we never imagined we'd meet so many amazing bloggers, accumulate our fantastic readers & followers, and have so much fun while doing it!!! we have a whole list of ideas we'd like to share with our readers in the next year and we can't wait to get started! let the fun continue on cake & valley.

but for today we'd like to say thank you for following along on this journey, supporting us every step of the way, and we honestly can't wait to see where this blogging road leads us next.

now it's time to celebrate & enjoy it.


cake & valley.


fourteen. valley.

isn't this look just so breakfast at tiffany's fantastic!!!! love getting inspirations from movies & making them look modern; a bracelet length sleeve, long gloves, and classic shades are just the ticket for this audrey inspired look! adding lots of modern colors and shapes bring this look into 2013. we mean, come on, boyfriend jeans & heels . . . so cozy & chic! exactly the inspiration we're looking for to take us into the weekend!

TGIF c&v readers!
see ya on monday!


cake & valley.

sweater: F21 {similar here}, jacket: anthropologie {similar here}, jeans: rich & skinny, shoes: topshop {similar here}, gloves: gifted {similar here}, bag: deux lux {similar here}, shades: ray-ban.


fourteen. cake.

okay so this look is a little bit inspired by the purple people eater but hey cake is rocking it :) and isn't monochromatic in this season?!?!?! it's actually a lot of fun to get inspired by a single color. a head to toe black look has always been chic but this upcoming season a head to toe pattern or bright color is totally acceptable. the best part of this trend is that when you walk out your front door you have to just own the look. head to toe. just revel in the color choose & let everyone be green with envy! 


cake & valley.

sweater: target {similar here}, white termal: free people {similar here}, jeans: j.crew, jacket: j.crew {similar here}, fur wrap: foley + corinna, boots: target {similar here}, mittens: made by our mom {similar here}, sunglasses: prada, purse: deux lux {similar here}.


errunning. valley.

want another look to run your errands in? how about a comfy layered up look :) just grab all your favorite textured tops and start with the lightest weight items the build to your warmest! valley started with a summer weight cream chiffon blouse and moved right into a nice warm wrap sweater. next up, a fun faux fur vest. how adorable, right? lots of layers & lots of love! 

isn't that white fur looks so retro and chic! we can't wait to pair it with some high waisted jeans and a tank top in early summer . . .  ugh summer get here now!  anywho happy tuesday.


cake & valley.

blouse: urban outfitters {similar here}, sweater: h&m {similar here}, vest: bb dakota {similar here}, jeans: citizens of humanity, boots: target {similar here}, bag: loeffler randall {similar here}, sunglasses: ray-ban.


errunning. cake.

we're finally back with an outfit post & we're showing you a casual weekend look! sometimes a girl just needs to put on her sneakers, a puffy vest, and run some errands. especially with some fun retro looking running shoes. there were super on sale from j.crew awhile back and how could a girl resist! comfy chic- sign us up! it definitely doesn't hurt to add a little kick to a casual look either; so, cake choose a classic black chanel clutch to make this look a little more spicy! 


cake & valley.

blouse: old navy, pants: banana republic {similar here}, vest: the north face, scarf: target {similar here}, sunglasses: target, bag: vintage chanel {last seen here}, shoes: nike collaboration with j.crew {similar here}, hat: steve madden.

if you take a close look at cake's sunglasses' reflection you can spot a sneak peek at valley's look that will be posted tomorrow!


heart today. cake & valley.

a few weeks ago the stars, a lunar eclipse, and busy schedules lined up. the two of us, just the two of us, had dinner together. it was a twins-tine dinner date! don't get us wrong we love dining with family, significant others, friends . . . etc, but it's a rare occasion when we have a night for the two of us to hit the town. we love sharing and splitting dishes; it's the best way to try everything & anything that you're interested in. it's pretty delicious too :) it was a fantastic night and on this special love day we wanted to share it with our readers. 

we want to wish everyone out there a fantastic day. so, no matter if you're sharing this day with a loved one of many years or loving your life where it is and the journey still in front of you; remember the love actually quote "love is actually all around us." be sure to take note of it today & every other day; it's there just waiting to be felt & noticed.

happy valentine's day.

cake & valley. 


art. valley.

here is day two of helen simms beautiful work. before you look at valley's favorite print by helen, go check out her etsy shop. ah-freakin'-mazing. she just added some new work and we're in love with all of them. we just might be ordering a print of this one or this one. maybe both? love the idea of her prints on my walls. so fabulous. like good fashion, helen's art work extends beyond the aesthetics, and shows the emotions of the print's subject as well as evoking emotions from the viewer. she's talented.  check her work out immediately!!!

title: the lipstick conundrum. we've all been there asking ourselves: to wear or not to wear? pink or red? what color is right for dinner? lunch? lipstick has become a new fashion statement for us over the course of the last few years; this image sums up how you feel once you've made your lipstick decision. once its on, you. feel. wonderful. isn't that the point of fashion? also to have fun, right? this print is fun and sexy and really full of life. when we decide to put on lipstick we want to be reminded of all of those feelings. never worry about it being too bold.

we truly believe life is about choices and timing. including the decision to wear lipstick whenever you want. no more lipstick conundrums.


valley & cake.

*this review was done in exchange for a print by the artist helen simms.


art. cake.

alright c & v readers here's a special post for you; today and tomorrow we're featuring the beautiful artist helen simms. her amazing delicate watercolor prints are so effortlessly stunning and feminine. she has ironic playfulness and easy relatability! she's basically all around impressive! check. her. out.

how precious is the below print? the title of it is "shutting out the negative voices and why i wish i was little bit more like adele" we mean, come on . . . how much more does a girl want? seriously who doesn't want to be a smidge more like adele; she's stunning, talented, and got the best break-up revenge by writing the most amazing multi-million dollar album. 

this prints reminds us to close our eyes; take a few deep breaths; and remember how beautiful, gorgeous, and positively fabulous we all are. life can get rough out there and the little negative thought we all push to the back of our brain can sometimes pitch a tent & make a camp site. they often invite friends over too. we'll it's time to kick 'em to the curb. 

keep your chin up, put on a dramatic cate-eye, and time to become a little bit more of someone like you. 


cake & valley.

*this review was done in exchange for a print by the artist helen simms: etsy shop here!!!


music. cake & valley.

we were totally inspired by the grammy awards show last night so we decided to take a little detour for this week; don't worry we'll take a sharp right turn down fashion boulevard soon enough. for the last 49 weeks our blog has been greatly focused on fashion & style and we love that. however, we want to start including all the other creative gems & jewels we come across. as two girls who studied art in college, spent all our high school nights in the dance studio, and ran around the grade school soccer field collecting flowers for floral crowns we've been in lust with all the creative outlets for as long as we can remember! 

so when a friend of ours posted this emotional & beautiful music video to her facebook page, we knew we wanted to share it with our readers. it's moving, soulful, and full of mood. once you've listened to this song you'll imagine setting off on a road trip with no destination in mind, sticking your arm out the window and letting it ride the air wave as you drive down the road, and pulling off the side of the road to take in the glory of a field blowing in the wind. these girls are so amazingly talented; listen to their harmony, they play their own instruments, and this video is one take. all impressive. be sure to check out their other videos too. 

happy monday.

cake & valley.


pinterest. cake.

alright friday fools, here are cake's top pinterest picks! these are definitely a scattered collection of her pins but if you want to take a peek at her other pins by click here. hope you enjoy.

if anyone if our readers are in the new england area stay safe this weekend during blizzard 2013! this years weather has been crazy! the last pin in this post is to inspire everyone to stay home, cozy up in front of a fire, & relax this weekend.


cake & valley.


pinterest. valley.

well you guys, bad news; valley has caught the dreaded flu :( from the sound of it she's down for the count for the next few days. soooooo instead of our normal outfit posts we'll just be sharing some of our favorite pins from the 'interest! and unfortunately that means you'll be stuck listening to cake's ramblings, as valley is in no state to edit these posts :) 

take a look at some of valley's most popular & fabulously beautiful pins!
if you like what you see click here and follow her!!! all you readers out there stay heathy & happy.


cake & valley.