CAMera. valley.

our mom, previously seen on the blog here & here, is an amazing knitter! she made the hat that valley is wearing in today's post & the one that cake wears in tomorrow's post!!! she whipped both these hats up in a matter of hours! that's right hours, not days! she refuses to think her product is worth documenting but just in case she comes to the grand conclusion that she missed her calling, we came up with a name for her knit line. her initials are CAM so when you add -era to then end to make the word camera, but when you break it down it would be like her own little era of time claimed by her initials!!!! clever we know :)

we call this style the raspberry beret; isn't it delicious!


cake & valley

and if you think the hats we're wearing are cute you should see the sweaters, mittens, socks, and toddler clothes she makes . . . swoon.

sweater: eileen fisher {similar here}, tank: wet seal, vest: bb dakota {similar here}, blazer: target, pants: j.crew, boots: tory burch {similar here}, bag: michael kors,  hat: made by our CAMera (aka mom.)


  1. Love the knit hat! Looks comfy, warm and it's adorable. I'm also loving the pixie pant! I JUST got those a couple of weeks ago and I've seriously worn them like every day. They need to make an appearance on the blog. Love your whole look! Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Aww, I love that hat and I love it even more knowing that your mom made it! Adorable look :)

    xo Amy

  3. CUTE! I love the beanie that your mom made, adorable. The bright pink bag is too fun xx