our time. cake & valley.

we share a lot of little bits of our lives with you guys on the blog. but today we thought we'd share a little peak into what we're fondly calling "our time." little pieces of our lives that never make it to the blog . . . except today they are. a look back at our time in april :)

enjoy looking into our non-blogging time!


cake & valley.

cuddle time.

 hair time.

 brunch time.

cute time.

 mr.coffee & cake time <3.

latte time.

flower time. 

wine time. 

 tulip time.

our time.


april look book. cake & valley.

well april flew by in the blink of an eye . . . . so now it's time for a little monthly wrap up! we've complied all our looks from the last four weeks & put them in one fabulous post for you to review. which look was your favorite? we're both still in love with the golden gate bridge photos, valley's layered turquoise necklaces, and cake's teased french twist look.  

hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
have a great monday.


cake & valley.


love bug. cake & valley.

with spring comes sunshine, longer days, grilling, and lots of insects; but not all those little buggers are bad.  just take a look at some of amazing insect inspired gems. pretty cool right :) happy thursday.


cake & valley.


bugging out. valley.

so did you all have nightmares about a giant spider standing behind you :/  we hope not!!!!

here's another look for you all to enjoy {and we're not just talking about the ten foot spider}. valley's look is a little dark & a little peachy all at the same time. the dark jeans & jacket are perfectly paired with a light weight tee & scarf; which makes for a great spring look. transition times always call for layers, layers, layers. which on a good day you end up caring around with you because the weather has warmed up enough, sadly this day was not one of those days. boo.  maybe tomorrow :)


cake & valley.

top: f21, pants: citizens of humanity, jacket: j.crew, shoes: kmart, scarf: zara, ipad case: j.crew {here's one for your phone}, sunglasses: ray-ban, purse: marc jacobs {clutch version here}, bracelet: anthropologie {alternative version here}.


bugging out. cake.

how cool is this sculpture? it's a massive spider, just chilling in the courtyard between a few buildings. as soon as it was put in place we knew we had to take pictures with it. we just had to wait for the weather to cooperate. doesn't it feel like spring is inching towards us?!?!? maybe one morning it will finally be warm enough for us to walk out the front door without a coat! ha, girls can wish, right?!?! happy tuesday.


cake & valley.

top: j.crew, pants: j brand {similar here}, shoes: adidas, bag: rachel zoe, jacket: j.crew {similar here}, bracelet: lulu frost x j.crew {alternative here}, sunglasses: prada.


congrats are in order. cake & valley

mr. coffee hasn't made an appearance on the blog in quite sometime but we wanted to share some exciting news- check out this little baby of a press release!!! come on, how much better could life get? we're so proud of you, husband & bro-in-law! we can't wait to get our green gear ready for the soccer season, sit in the stands, and cheer on the big green to victory!


cake & valley.


embellished. valley.

the big news for the day is that . . . .  it's FRIDAY! woohoo!!!
make it a great day & an even better weekend.


cake & valley.

top: j.crew, sweater: j.crew {alternative here}. jeans: j brand, shoes: target {similar here}, coat: j.crew {spring version here}, necklace: target, bag: theit, sunglasses: chanel, earrings: gift {similar here}


embellished. cake.

no news today except the weather is sunny with a chance of thunderstorms.
hope you all have a great thursday.


cake & valley.

top: j.crew, sweatshirt: j.crew {similar here}, pants: j.crew {similar here}, shoes: converse, necklaces: both from j.crew {here & similar here}, bag: rachel zoe, jacket: gift {similar here}, bangles: j.crew {similar here} & urban outfitters {similar here}, watch: michele, sunglasses: ray-ban.