#throwbackthursday. c & v.

a young cake & valley for your viewing pleasure!!! happy throw back thursday.
can you guess who's who?


cake & valley.


wordy wednesday. cake & valley.

seeing this botched paint job in the parking lot the other night, got us thinking. we all have plans, everyone around us has hopes for us, even people we hardly know have expectations for us. but in reality the world has it's own plans for us. not every path is straight or easy. not every journey is without bumps & bruises. not every road we travel is safe & secure. who can say what is right for you. the most we can all hope for is that the path we travel down brings us love; passion; and a better understanding of our purpose in this crazy, beautiful, amazing life we all share with one another.

of course all these thought came flooding to us after we got over our initial frustration! ha!
happy wednesday.


cake & valley.


up tight. cake.

here's another layered up look for the winter to spring transition! today's look is a mix of hard and soft: with an easy breeze chiffon dress paired with a some heavy duty wedge booties & a faux leather jacket. this is a simple easy look to pull together just start with a winter outwear piece and then grab your favorite spring dress. just add a stack of bracelets & an infinity scarf- bam you're ready to walk out the door and take on any type of weather that comes your way. no reason to be too up tight about it either :)


cake & valley.

dress: anthopologie {similar here}, jacket: t.j. maxx {similar here}, scarf: urban outfitters {similar here}, watch: target, bracelets: j.crew {1 & similar 2}, turquoise bracelets: gift from Santa Fe, bag: vintage coach {similar here}, tights: target, shoes: payless {similar here}.


up tight. valley.

whenever the seasons are in transition it's always important to layer up. you never know when the next hot or cold front will be rolling through. right?!?! one minute it's sunny and warm & the next minute it's overcast and the temperature has dropped ten degrees. which is exactly why valley's got four different layers on in this post!! yup you read that right . . .  four different layers! two of them are sleeveless so there isn't too much bulk under her coat. even with four layers, she definitely doesn't look like a linebacker in this post :)

hope you all had a good weekend & happy monday.


cake & valley.

dress: anthropologie {similar here}, blouse: j.crew, vest: old navy, jacket: j.crew {last seen here}, bag: deux lux, shoes: target {similar here}, tights: target, headband: j.crew {smilar here}.


on the road again. valley.

hey ya'll it's friday & we're stoked!!! after last week's travel across the country, getting back into the swing of work was pretty exhausting. not that we're complaining- we'd leave for a girls weekend in california right this minute!!! HA! so this weekend we plan to rest up, watch a few movies, read a good book, maybe grab a dinner out on the town . . .  but generally just relax and float through the weekend. hope you all have a great weekend too. we'll see ya on monday.


cake & valley.

jeans: fidelity {similar here}, jacket: j.crew {similar here}, sweater: t.j. maxx {similar here}, belt: j.crew, turtleneck: michael stars {similar here}, shoes: target, earrings: charming charlie.


on the road again. cake.

c&v readers we're finally back to posting our "looks," YIPPEE!!!! but they're still our winter, cold, depressing, non-spring looks. sad face. we're slowing working our way towards warm weather outfits, we just wish mother nature agreed with this plan, HA! she literally dumped almost a foot and a half of snow on us this past week. however, the sun is out today. it's slowly melting inches of snow off the top which means we're on the road to spring days!

happy thursday.

cake & valley.

top: j.crew {similar here}, pants: zara {similar here}, jacket: j.crew {last seen here, similar style here}, boots: target, earrings: target {similar here}.


easy silence. cake & valley.

alright we've shown you the highlights from wine country. we've shown the busy touristy san fransisco pictures. but today is all about the special quite moment we had on our long weekend. with 90% of us dealing with the time difference, we all work up early enough to enjoy the sun melting the fog, sitting on the balcony sipping coffee, cuddling under our covers, and catching up on one another's lives. best moment from the weekend- well this one & when we finished wine tastings to only climbed back into the limo, and stuff our faces with all the cheese, meat, and crackers we had stored in a cooler! both moments are very memorable and very different.

tomorrow we're back to outfit posts!!


cake & valley.


san franny. cake & valley.

the second part of trip was spent in san fransisco. neither of us had ever been to this city before so we needed to see all the high points- including having an "it's it" ice cream sandwich!!! we're pretty sure we were the most touristy tourists you could imagine, but the city is just so incredible. the whole vibe is urban but there are tons of families. when we sat down to enjoy a latte in the middle of busy  union square there was a protest going on. we almost felt like we had landed in a european city!!!

so, to all the girls who made the trek to the west coast {and we had girls come from southern california, texas, indiana, ohio, north carolina & new hampshire} we can't thank you enough. what a fantastic weekend. don't you all wish we could do it again & soon :)


cake & valley.


a little bit wine-y. cake & valley

last week in this post we alluded to the fact we had a little california weekend get-a-way planned. the whole weekend was pretty fabulous. lots of wine, food, and giggles. now that we've returned to the real world we finally had time to upload & edit all the pictures from the girls weekend. we'll start by sharing the photos from our wine tour extravaganza. the group rented a limo & hit up four of the most fabulous wine spots in the russian river valley area!* hope you enjoy browsing the pictures almost as much as we enjoyed tasting all the fermented grapes.


cake & valley

*the four vineyards we went to were j. vineyards, hop kiln, moshin, & iron horse.