buh-bye. cake & valley.

Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
And days of long ago!

For times gone by, my dear
For times gone by,
We will take a cup of kindness yet
For times gone by.

We two have run about the hillsides
And pulled the daisies fine,
But we have wandered many a weary foot
For times gone by.

We two have paddled (waded) in the stream
From noon until dinner time,
But seas between us broad have roared
Since times gone by.

And there is a hand, my trusty friend,
And give us a hand of yours,
And we will take a goodwill drink (of ale)
For times gone by!

And surely you will pay for your pint,
And surely I will pay for mine!
And we will take a cup of kindness yet
For times gone by!

here's to the best of cake & valley in twenty twelve.
happy new year.

cake & valley.


holiday sparkle. valley.

it's christmas eve already?!?!? huh? where did the first 23 days of december go?
anyway here's valley's day-quin look; lots of holiday cheer & festive colors!!!

merry christmas to all our fabulous cake & valley readers.


cake & valley.

plaid shirt: old navy {similar here}, sequin top: j. crew {last seen here}, blazer: banana republic {similar here}, pants: j.crew, necklace: subversive for target, belt: target, shoes: payless {similar here, valley's are patent leather}.


holiday sparkle. cake.

the whole less is more theory doesn't really apply to wearing sequins during the day- we feel that if you're bold enough to wear the day-quin look, you better live it up!!! the cake & valley theory to day-quins is that your sequins are bold so you better pair them with equally bold items to make the sequins not as flashy. in a sense more is less . . . . right?!?! so cake's bold gold sequin skirt pairs nicely with strong color blocking in red & black. add a dash of teal and her day-quin look is easy breezy peazy! we're liking this more is less theory, you should probably try it too :)

happy weekend.


cake & valley.

skirt: free people {last seen here, similar here}, sweater: vince {similar here}, jacket: j.crew, tank top: wet seal, tights: spanx, shoes: target {similar here}, necklace: ily couture, bag: vintage coach {thanks mom}



candy wall. cake & valley.

if you knew us in college you knew you could pretty much find us in the art department building, changing our clothes to head out for the night (sorry mom & dad) or at the student center's candy wall. we were pretty much addicted to that thing. it had everything you could think of- sour watermelons, blue & white jelly sharks, laffy taffys, and of course sour cherry balls! a whole bin of just the red ones!!! every spring we'd go 40 days without a single visit to that glorious & delicious candy wall!!! basically when we saw this picture we giggled so loud our neighbors could hear :) and we knew we had to share it with you!!!

do you have a sugar high yet? 
if not, go grab your favorite snack...it's monday, you probably need it!


cake & valley.



comfy. cake & valley.

Untitled #4

our lives have been very crazy lately and we have been living off coffee, tea, & comfy clothing. so we put togther some of our favorite comfy & cozy items. we are taking life as it comes. and hoping for the best outcome. sorry if our posts are a little out of whack for a few more days or so. we are regrouping and rebooting.

stay cozy, caffeinated, and comfy. {we both are}

cake & valley.


fashion club @ sephora. cake & valley.

this past wednesday we had the pleasure of attending an amazing event!! a great friend & fellow blogger started a fashion club; their every other month meeting happened to be on a night we were both in town & available to attend!!! the "meeting" was being hosted by the local sephora & would focus on makeup needs. as soon as we walked in we made a beeline for the foundation. this is where we meet robin, the fresh representative.  we expressed our current dissatisfaction with our foundation color.  being as pale as we are, it can be tricky to find a light the lightest foundation that is not a yellow base. our skin tone has more of a blue undertone- we've both bounced around and had some luck here & there, but we'd never really settled on a foundation we could commit too. good thing we met robin, she knew just the foundation to use {you'll see it in the pictures below}! we, of course, also played around with a few other techniques! we weren't soooooo boring that we went to a makeup event and just talked foundation :)

all the other women who attended the meeting got tutorials on false eyelash application, the best under eye cream, and most importantly the clarisonic! which everyone says is a life changer! we also picked up this little baby for our mom who "ooooh'd and ahhhh'd" over this post! {she's got a black tie event tonight that's she's planning on wearing this red too!!!}

all in all it was a fantastic night! we both had so much fun and can't thank those who planned this event & hosted this event enough!!! fingers crossed that for the next meeting one or both of us will be abel to attend!

happy friday & have a great weekend.


cake & valley.

if you live in the area and want more information OR would like information on starting your own club just drop us a note & we'll connect you to the right people :)

our amazing hostess nancy & robin the fresh rep. they made all the magic happen!

valley getting rid of the makeup she came in wearing for the night.
new motto: out with the old in with the new {fresh} makeup!

the beginning of something great :)

all primed and ready to have the color & pop added!

all done & looking flawless. it's a match!

cake's turn in the hot seat.

getting the expert's tips on how to do the perfect cat-eye. we're off to a good start. meow!

valley with her day to date look & cake with her 60s inspired nude lip and cat-eye look!

the aftermath of it. looking this good takes just a few products! ha!

heading out at the end of the night with our awesome sephora gift bags!!! 


best & friends. valley.

see here's the other hat, the one that goes with cake's post :) how perfect are they for us!!! they're actually pretty perfect for any fantastic duo too, or should we say two?!?! we just love cheesy jokes, like seriously we do, they make us giggle uncontrollably! we find the jokes on the laffy-taffy wrappers hilarious. here's our favorite one to date:

why did the cinnamon roll?* {response below the next picture}


cake & valley

*because he saw the apple turnover.
cue fit of giggles

shirt: old navy, jeans: citizens of humanity, vest: old navy {last seen here & here}, booties: target {similar here}, necklace: target, sunglasses: ray-ban, hat: band of outsiders for target.


best & friends. cake.

so how many of you guys checked out the collaboration between neiman marcus & target? this past saturday we made our way to two different targets to check out the goods :) we woke up early, grabbed a coffee, and made our way to target #1.  it's the smaller of the two targets in our area so we figured it would be less crowded . . .  in reality we were the only two people there! HA! we walked around and soon realized they hadn't received {or maybe hadn't put out yet} the whole line. we immediately texted our fellow blogger to see if the whole line was at the other target; we knew she'd be there! 

we were in luck, the whole line was out in all it's full glory :)

we made a beeline for the car and drove across town, parked, & walked into target #2. can we just say, "thank goodness we made it to target #2." the first thing we spotted at traget #2 that target #1 did not have were these awesome best friends hat.  clearly we had to get them :) in addition to the hats we snagged a few other home items too! yay for a two targets in one day before 9 am!!! HA!

you guys get anything good?


cake & valley.

dress worn as top: h&m {similar here}, jeans: current elliot, booties: cole haan {similar here}, jacket: j.crew, necklace: chanel {vintage}, bag: america apparel, hats: band of outsiders for target.


fighting irish. valley.

a few months ago we read an amazing review of the lip stain valley's wearing in this post. {see original review here from hairdresser on fire} after this review & the stunning pictures, we had to have the product. the sephora webpage was opened & the lip stain was ordered. {it's only $12!!!} it's been a love affair ever since then! this red is so beautiful, it lasts all day, and totally puts the finishing touches on any outfit!

does anyone else have any lip colors/products they'd highly recommend to us?
we're always looking for other tried & true make-up staples!


cake & valley

turtleneck: michael stars, sweater: anthropologie {similar here}, pants: j.crew {similar here}, jacket: j.crew {similar here}, booties: target {similar here}, purse: tj maxx {last seen here}, hat: bop basic, lip stain: sephora 01 aways red.