wedged. valley.

it's our last post for november, which officially means we can all start listening to our holiday music!!!! turn it up & blast it out our car windows, belt it at the top of our lungs when we're in the shower, and hum it quietly around the office :)

AND it's the freaking weekend; we're about to have us some fun! we've planned a coffee date, a little shopping rendez vous, and nice cozy night in watching "meet me in st. louis" it's our favorite christmas movie. what do you have on your docket for the weekend?


cake & valley.

top: bb dakota {similar here}, jacket: free people {similar here}, leggings: lululemon, socks: urban outfitters, sunglasses: ray-ban, earrings: anthropologie {similar here}, booties: too old to know {similar here}


wedged. cake.

this jacket has been in the past couple posts . . . but one can never get too much of a good thing! mixing fun textures and prints always elevates two basic items to the next level.  sometimes post thanksgiving weather can be unbearable, but not yet. we are still enjoying sunny afternoons and cool, not cold, temperatures! yay :)


cake & valley.

ps how amazing is the burgundy wall. we've been here before, but thought it was too good to not return.

shirt: ralph lauren {similar here}, pants: F21, socks: j.crew {similar here}, shoes: vera wang for kohls {these are last years style, here's the newest version}, jacket: anthropologie, bag: gucci, bracelets: j.crew & chan luu.


christmas wish list. mr.coffee.

we assume about 90% of our readers are women & therefore know the woes of shopping for the men in your life.  whether the males in your life are fathers, brothers, or significant others the holidays can be a tricky time to figure out what they might want to receive.  all the men in our lives claim "oh, i don't need anything." but that's the whole point, a gift is something you want, as opposed to needing. so, we commandeered mr. coffee's wish list & put together a little  style board for your viewing pleasure.  we consider these items great luxury items that the men in our lives {& yours} will really enjoy having.

happy shopping :)


cake & valley.

mr. coffee's wish list

mr. coffee's christmas wish list.


christmas wish list. valley.

we have both grown to love white as a winter color. you can see on both of our wish lists that white {or neutral} is a color we are both currently drawn too. we always make sure that when wearing white, or buying a white household item, we pair it with something else that is modern & sleek or cozy & chic. enjoy valley's wish list.


cake & valley.

valley. wish list.

valley's christmas wish list.

top / nail polish / lipstick {similar here}/ deer / gown {it's a wish list people} / kiss me studs / sweatpants / sunglasses / bag / alarm clock / mules


christmas wish list. cake.

now that the thanksgiving has come & passed, it's officially time to start thinking about christmas! today & tomorrow we've thrown together our wish lists to show you. hope you enjoy.


cake & valley.

cake's christmas wish list

cake's christmas wish list

toms/ necklace/ glasses/ mr. & mrs. mugs/ vest/ jacket/ curling wand/ bag {a girl can dream} / camera/ make-up brushes.


leave a message. cake & valley.

sorry we're not here.
we're out spending time with family & friends.
we apologize for the disruption.
regularly scheduled posts will return on monday.
leave a message at the beep.



v.2 fall edition. cake & valley.

so, for those of you who follow us on facebook you might recognize this picture. for a long time we used it as our big timeline photo. it's kind of like a quick portrait of our photo shoot without actually having us in it! from now on we'll refer to the above picture as our v.1 summer edition picture because we now have a v.2 fall edition picture!!! please see below. we thought it would be fun to do an updated version & we'll continue to do different versions for the changing of the seasons. should be fun to follow along :) so hop on over to facebook already...and check it out.

happy wednesday!
and to all our readers traveling for the holiday, may it all go smoothly & safely!


cake & valley.


hunting & fishing. valley.

the fisherman style sweater has made a trendy come back this fall. which is amazing because the sweaters are warm, versatile, and a long term closet staple {aka a piece to hold onto even when the heavy cable knit trend has run it's course}.  so when we spotted this beautiful white knit at a recent trip to zara, valley immediately gravitated towards it. we both obsessed over the three-quarter length sleeves & the buttons up the back! sadly, we didn't get a photo of the buttons but we have a feeling this sweater will be making a few more blog appearances and we'll be sure to document those buttons!

as a side note, when you grow up in a town that cheers on the Irish, the fisherman's sweater is never really out of style :)


cake & valley.

sweater: zara {similar here}, jeans: siwy, boots: frye {similar here}, jacket: target, bag: marc by marc jacobs, scarf: urban outfitters {similar here}, earrings: charming charlie, headband: jcrew {similar here}.


hunting & fishing. cake.

hey hey heeeey, it's a short work week!!! and the only way to start off a great week is with a great look. comfy, cozy, and chic is the name of this game {aka the 3Cs.}  everything cake picked for this look was because it makes a statement while at the same time remaining within the 3Cs guidelines. no yellow flags or red cards for this look :)

plus what better way to start a monday morning then to look a little foxy.


cake & valley.

sweater: urban outfitters {similar here}, pants: zara {similar here}, jacket: anthropologie, scarf: burberry, bag: kooba, shoes: yosi samra.


turkey travel. cake & valley.

c & v turkey travel

cake & valley turkey travel outfits.

many of our readers {ourselves included} will be traveling for the upcoming holiday.
 so make sure to travel with style.

cake's travel look: top / pants / boots / bag / bracelet / snood
valley's travel look: sweater / pants / boots / bag / watch / hat / tech accessory


stripes, dots, & checkers. valley.

taking a note from cake's post yesterday valley picked up on the hint that prints on print is in & decided to pull a double shift.  valley went with layering up on the prints; polka dots & stripes totally go together. {especially when both patterns are in neutral colors.} but even when you're layering up the prints and they aren't in the same color family or you're feeling unsure if they go together . . . just try it out! what's the worst that could happen? you have to run home to change clothes? heck, live up the print on print trend because pretty soon that ship will have sailed and something different will have come along!!!

yo, one week till turkey day folks :) *yummy*


cake & valley.

dress: target, blazer: target, scarf: street vendor {similar here}, shoes: target {similar here}, bag: marc by marc jacobs {similar here}, sunglasses: prada, earrings: charming charlie's.


stripes, dots, & checkers. cake.

so if you haven't notice prints are in. whaaaaat? shocker right?!?!? HA! so when you're a girl on a budget {and we're girls on budgets} sometimes you've got to think outside the box. which is exactly what cake did to create her neon checker print. she took a loose knit snood and wore it over her shoulder creating a fun playful print!  so next time you're staring at your closet and contemplating what to wear think a little bit outside the box and maybe a new pattern will emerge :)


cake & valley.

blouse: j.crew, vest: old navy {similar here}, snood: urban outfitters {previously seen here}, jeans: citizens of humanity, shoes: tory burch {similar here}, bag: tj maxx {similar here}, bracelets: j.crew & chan luu, sunglasses: ray-ban.


spotted. valley

we've been loving the peplum trend ever since it started it's come back last year. it's flattering, effortlessly chic, and amazingly versatile. the majority of peplums out there have a certain architectural feel & give a very structured feel to an outfit.  which is why we feel in love with a slouchy knit peplum top; and it just happened to come in a cobalt blue color. double score.  valley paired this knit with an amazing black & gray palette and to add a little spice she wore a leopard bootie! swoon!

guess what? monday is over!!! 
happy tuesday :)


cake & valley.

black, blue, and gray.

nope it's still cold, put the blazer back on! 

cobalt blue knit.

pale pink nails.

leopard never goes out of style! buy what you love.


top: zara, blazer: j.crew {similar here}, pants: jbrand {similar here}, shoes: cole haan, necklace: zara {similar here}.