thanks. cake & valley.

thank you thank you thank you thank for those of you who vocalized your feedback! we might not have received an overwhelming amount it but was enough to wake up our creative minds! plus the engagement stats for the post were pretty great so we know you readers are out there :)

so while we might live 900 miles apart and the photos we'll be sharing aren't quite up to our standards, errrrm iphone photos FTW, we now have a running list of ideas. see the list below for what we've come up with so far and get excited for the new content coming your way soon!

  • a photo every hour for a whole day, we'll pick a day that works for both of us and simultaneously photography what we're doing for the entire day.
  • we'll both pick some investment pieces we own and work them into our everyday looks for an entire week to show how saving & planning for a few splurges really saves you in the long run
  • how to wear & style your scarves during the winter. aka scarf tutorials. 
  • what's it like to be married to a coach
  • lessens leaned as a newlywed
  • best part about being twins
  • showcasing some of our original art work from undergrad
  • reviews of hangers, hair products, make-up, new recipes we've tried, home products . . . etc
  • sharing what we've recently bought
  • trends were digging right now (aka mules, kitten heels, cropped jeans, bodysuits . . . )
  • best places to find unique kids clothes
  • valley's wedding photos
  • closet purging
clearly we you guys have reenergized us! we couldn't be more excited to get back into the swing of blogging more regularly. of course we'll start to share more of what's going on in our lives, at least what we think is of any interest, we honestly both try to live boring lives! ha! 

again thank you to everyone of you who has stuck around and continues to come back to cake & valley to check in on us.


cake & valley.


who. what. where. when. what next? cake & valley.

alright guys this post it putting out some feelers as to what's next for us & the blog. so take a look-see down below and hit us up with some feed back. please, thanks you, and you're welcome!
plus, happy monday (if monday's are every happy?!?!? ha!)


cake & valley.

  • who: that'd be us! a set of 30 something twins who started this ol' blog back in 2012!!! see first post here.
  • what: a blog, doi. but really the "what" for us was creativity. when we started this blog we we're six-ish years post college and both working 9-5 desk jobs. in college we had both studied art, specifically photography. we were missing our old life of taking photos, editing, and working together on projects. so we saw the blog as our "syllabus" for creating fresh work to share.
  • where: so originally when we started this venture cake was living only 90 miles from valley. a very doable distance for a weekend trip, or even a day trip, to create content. we were literally seeing one another almost every five days, aka we didn't know how good we had it! then all of a sudden cake's husband was offered an amazing opportunity and she moved 900 miles away, making it next to impossible to create content on a weekly bases. luckily, we had some built up back log & lots of planned trips to see each other. we were able to keep the blog up and running with new content basically for the next two years. we then hit a new bump, literally, when cake had her first baby! this greatly diminished the availability to travel and document our time together. we slowly started to adjust and were able to post here and there. then along came bump #2 and life became even more crazy! all the while valley moved twice, started new jobs, & picked up a guy we refer to as her husband <3
  • when: we guess, right now . . . .  and all time between 02/25/2012 when we started this blog!
  • what next: so now we're not sure how to proceed with the blog. since we started the blog as a collaboration and as a way to flex our photo skills it seems impossible to keep those goals in mind when living 900 miles apart. clearly the easiest solution is to take individual photos and post those, but doesn't that delete one of our original goals? working together, because duh we're BFFs since the womb! if we go that route we also loose the creative aspect of photographing each other because most of the photos we'd be sharing would be iPhone photos. so, again it wouldn't be fulfilling one of our original reasons for the blog. However we love looking back through the blog and having our life documented. it's pretty cool. we clearly have lost that in the last few years. we also love the people who regularly ask us about the blog or check in our posts! we realize we don't have a HUGE following by any means but that was never our goal. so do you guys want more outfit, iphone photo posts? do you want to see more our regular life? hear about what we're shopping for? reviews of what we've recently bought? HELP. this is new territory for us and we're not 100% sure of how to proceed. heck, we're not even 48% sure of how to proceed . . . . ha. share some feed back with us either down below in the comments or on our most recent instagram. let us know what you want to see, if anything? 
below is basically our current life situation.  stupid 900 miles between indiana & new hampshire.


red, white, and blue jeans. cake.

here's an easy & cheap outfit to quickly pull together to run out the door to any type of event. classic white button down, jean shorts, and some funky/trendy accessories. you should already own about 90% of this look and if you don't cake's shirt & shorts are both from F21. she also opted for trendy studded gladiator sandals, a borrowed belt from her husband for a men's wore addition, a statement bag, and her go to aviator shades.  what could possibly be easier?!?!?!

oh, also it's a super comfy, so feel free to over indulge at your memorial day BBQ this weekend.
happy friday & enjoy the long holiday weekend.


cake & valley.

shirt: F21, shorts: F21 {bought one size up for a slouchy boyfriend look}, shoes: rebecca minkoff, bag: fendi {new version here}, shades: ray-ban, belt: banana republic.


red, white, and blue jeans. valley.

yes we're fully aware we aren't ground breaking with our original title or our looks this week but we're keeping it real. nothing like prepping for the long weekend with a fresh mani & some quality twin sister time.

in all honestly these looks were taken forever ago and now we're really wishing we were actually together and could recreate that time together! why oh why do we have live 900 miles apart. life isn't fair sometimes.

the silver lining is we both have the sweetest husbands who deal with our crazy twin obsession and allow us to talk at all hours of the day, multiple times a day, and always always support our need to see one another. love you long time amazing husbands :)

"see" you guys tomorrow with another "new" post.


cake & valley.

shirt: cynthia rowley {fun alternative here}, jeans: paige, shoes: tory burch, bag: j.crew {similar pink version here}, sunglasses: F21 {similar here}, earrings: kenneth jay lane.


son. cake.

alright today is cake's turn to talk about prescott. the most dreamy little boy there ever was.

the first thing to know is, like an asshole that i was, my heart sank a little when it was confirmed that we were having a boy. i had had a gut feeling. it wasn't that i didn't love him, i had loved him before i we known it was a him, it was that i was scared. i had grown up with three sisters & had been a mom to a girl, so the idea of raising a little boy was terrifying to me. what if i couldn't be what he needed? what if i wasn't good at playing trucks, or building legos, and not to mention i'm terrible at like 75% of all sports . . . . turns out none of that matters. because being a mom to a little boy is such an honor. the way he loves me, the way he stalks me around the house, the way he needs me is in so many different ways then how georgina did. it's the most innocent and pure love and i can hardly stand it. boy oh boy do i love the way he loves me & i hope i can mirror my love for him so purely and innocently.

prescott since day one was a totally different baby then i had experienced with my first. on the day he was born, saint patrick's day, he nursed and then promptly slept for a solid ten hours straight. like slept through shots & me trying to wake him to eat. he was having non of it. it was a so delightful to start the newborn phase again with a few hours of unexpected sleep. thanks for that little guy :)

he has this "secret" hiding spot that we recently discovered.  wedged between our tv and a chair is a speaker and this little guy is always standing over there.  recently i went over there and looked down and found a little pocket of space where he'd been taking over some toys & markers and dropping them into it. it's the sweetest thing to see him crawl over there with something and drop it into this spot because he has to stand on his little tippy toes to see down into the space to confirm his prize has landed safely in his hiding spot! heart melting.

he loves to sit under the table and push out all the chairs. he will only eat pureed fruit still. he shovels mac n' cheese into his mouth like he hasn't eaten in days. he will crawl at lightning speed to any toy, drink, or book that his sister drops to the floor. he loves to play catch by himself, he'll throw a ball and chase it down, he'll do this over and over again, all over the house. he loves to "pet" snoopy and will point out any dog he sees any where. he talks & babble alllllll the time {just like his dad}, his first word was mama. he laughs out loud at his own jokes & when he does something he deems funny. when he gets in the zone he can play by himself for a good 30-45 minutes.

he hates getting his diaper changed. he hates when we close the baby gates. he hates going down for a nap but almost always sleeps for 90 minutes or more. he hates that he can't run & play like his sister. he hates socks. he hates when i put him down form being held. he hates getting his nails trimmed. he hates/loves being tickled & he is sooooooooooooo ticklish {sorry scotti, thats from me!}

having a second kid is very freeing. it lifts any regrets or short comings a parent can hold onto from their first baby. it showed me that babies come into the world as they are and as a parent we can teach them but we can't change them. mold them, yes; but we can't make a baby smarter, or sweeter, or more thoughtful, or more athletic, or more driven . . .  we can help them develop into who they were born to be.

oh how i love being a boy mom; especially to my little guy. and i love the challenge of finding the best & most cute little boy clothes . . . because, duh (and it's the only sport i'm decent at!!!! ha!)
now, just like yesterday. lots of mommy & prescott never before shared photos to enjoy.