rockstar 24/7. cake & valley.

after browsing some of favorite blogs last week we noticed a trend, lots of the big time bloggers were all wearing old navy jeans. slightly unusually but not too crazy, what with all their sponsorships & #ad's they curate. but after some googling we realized WHY they were all showcasing the old navy rockstar 24/7 jeans,. take a look at this article and you'll find out that premium-denim-Italian-fashion-designer Adriano Goldschmied helped Old Navy with it's latest stretch skinny denim.

after like 30 seconds of internal debate and some quick texts to each other, cake took one for the team and ordered a pair to try out. we're both solid 28s in jeans which can translate to either a 4 or 6 depending on fit, rise, stretch . . . . etc; so she made the executive decision to order both sizes to do a little blog research.

SIZE 4 pictures

SIZE 6 pictures

the fit felt almost the same in both sizes with the exception of the baggy-ness that can be seen in the knee area & crotch area. so she stuck with the size 4.

a few more things to note are that the jeans are much more a legging. which to be honest has never been our thing, a jegging doesn't really speak to us. however, a few things we did love about these jeggings were the following:

  1. the material is unbelievably soft, like buttah.
  2. the price is right. all of the styles are full price at under $40. PLUS the silver lining is that currently all of the rockstar 24/7 are marked down with an extra savings at check out! word.
  3. since we've always been opposed to a jegging we didn't have a similar pair in our closet.
  4. functioning zipper, button closer, and pockets.
  5. they were a perfect alternative to an athletic legging for felling more pulled together without sacrificing any sort of comfort.
so in a nutshell these jeggings were just the right pair to keep around for running after kids, valley's weekend job at a wine tasting room where she stands all afternoon, attending any & all sporting events to cheer on cake's husband's team, errands, doctor visits . . . . .basically any weekend mom-ing dog walking play ground going road tripping pants.

cake literally wore them to the last Dartmouth Men's soccer game where she surprised her husband with a post victory date night. these were the perfect pair of pants to cheer the team onto their win, change her uggs to heeled boots, head out on a date night, and then wake up the next morning and wear the jeans to run errands with her kids! just take a look :)



alright enough about these jeans, just go to your closest old navy and try them out for yourself.
you probably won't regret it

happy friday.

cake & valley.

daytime look info: old navy jeans, j.crew turtleneck {similar here}, target tank, free people turban, nike shoes {similar here}, baby gap pjs

date night look: old navy jeans, rebacca taylor blouse{similar here}, target booties.


mules glorious mules. cake & valley.

after some slight nudging from cake, valley finally took the dive into the mules shoe pool. as soon as she came up for air she promptly proclaimed that, "mules are the fall transition shoe as flip-flops are the summer sandal!" AKA they are auh-mazing!!!

we highly recommend you run out and buy yourself a pair today!!!! seriously. they are easily dressed up for an office setting by pairing them with skinny cut trousers, a statement blouse, and a fitted blazer. or perhaps pair your mules, maybe with a slight heel if you're feeling extra saucy, with a pencil skirt, button down, and cardigan. AND if you're a mom on the go these shoes are the perfect alternative to a running shoe. so skip over you athleisure wear and  slip into some of those jeans you probably spent too much money on pair those with a comfy sweater, band t-shirt, or tunic top. now, rock those mules on play dates, walks to the park, running errands, soccer practice . . . .  endless possibilities.

below are a few styles we have in our closets, a few looks that we've worn in the past couple of weeks,  and we're also sharing all the mules that we currently have in our "shopping baskets" hopefully we inspire you to slip into a pair ASAP and enjoy the perfect fall transition shoe.

happy weekend-ing.


cake & valley.

ps. all pairs shown are $100 bones or less, with the exception of the red paisleys tassel pair.


more bed head please. cake & valley.

women are a fickle bunch, we always want what someone else has and if we have what we want we want it to look like we didn't try to hard. basically we're never happy. especially when it comes to our hair. if it's straight we want it curly if it's curly we want it straight. we always seem to cut our hair when long hair is the "in" style or we're growing it out while short hair is the desired look. we can never win.

this is where the video below comes into play. it's a perfect example of an easy styling solution to get the most effort-less everyday bed head girl hair dreams are made of! just take a look, the whole video is worth the watch!

direct link here

when styling our hair for the below photos we used the exact technique Laura Polko teaches us in her video, down to where to spray our dry shampoo and how to "poof" up, not out, our hair. the ONLY alteration we made was to run a flat iron through our post washed frizzy dried hair. we made sure to set the flat iron to the lowest setting so as to de-frizz the hair but not set the hair with heat, we wanted the curling iron to do that!

alright that's the post for the day :) hope it helps all of you achieve the best pre bed bed head ever! 
got questions for us? let us know here or on our latest insta post.


cake & valley.

this was cake trying to entertain scotti when georgi fell asleep while running errands! ha.


thanks. cake & valley.

thank you thank you thank you thank for those of you who vocalized your feedback! we might not have received an overwhelming amount it but was enough to wake up our creative minds! plus the engagement stats for the post were pretty great so we know you readers are out there :)

so while we might live 900 miles apart and the photos we'll be sharing aren't quite up to our standards, errrrm iphone photos FTW, we now have a running list of ideas. see the list below for what we've come up with so far and get excited for the new content coming your way soon!

  • a photo every hour for a whole day, we'll pick a day that works for both of us and simultaneously photography what we're doing for the entire day.
  • we'll both pick some investment pieces we own and work them into our everyday looks for an entire week to show how saving & planning for a few splurges really saves you in the long run
  • how to wear & style your scarves during the winter. aka scarf tutorials. 
  • what's it like to be married to a coach
  • lessens leaned as a newlywed
  • best part about being twins
  • showcasing some of our original art work from undergrad
  • reviews of hangers, hair products, make-up, new recipes we've tried, home products . . . etc
  • sharing what we've recently bought
  • trends were digging right now (aka mules, kitten heels, cropped jeans, bodysuits . . . )
  • best places to find unique kids clothes
  • valley's wedding photos
  • closet purging
clearly we you guys have reenergized us! we couldn't be more excited to get back into the swing of blogging more regularly. of course we'll start to share more of what's going on in our lives, at least what we think is of any interest, we honestly both try to live boring lives! ha! 

again thank you to everyone of you who has stuck around and continues to come back to cake & valley to check in on us.


cake & valley.


who. what. where. when. what next? cake & valley.

alright guys this post it putting out some feelers as to what's next for us & the blog. so take a look-see down below and hit us up with some feed back. please, thanks you, and you're welcome!
plus, happy monday (if monday's are every happy?!?!? ha!)


cake & valley.

  • who: that'd be us! a set of 30 something twins who started this ol' blog back in 2012!!! see first post here.
  • what: a blog, doi. but really the "what" for us was creativity. when we started this blog we we're six-ish years post college and both working 9-5 desk jobs. in college we had both studied art, specifically photography. we were missing our old life of taking photos, editing, and working together on projects. so we saw the blog as our "syllabus" for creating fresh work to share.
  • where: so originally when we started this venture cake was living only 90 miles from valley. a very doable distance for a weekend trip, or even a day trip, to create content. we were literally seeing one another almost every five days, aka we didn't know how good we had it! then all of a sudden cake's husband was offered an amazing opportunity and she moved 900 miles away, making it next to impossible to create content on a weekly bases. luckily, we had some built up back log & lots of planned trips to see each other. we were able to keep the blog up and running with new content basically for the next two years. we then hit a new bump, literally, when cake had her first baby! this greatly diminished the availability to travel and document our time together. we slowly started to adjust and were able to post here and there. then along came bump #2 and life became even more crazy! all the while valley moved twice, started new jobs, & picked up a guy we refer to as her husband <3
  • when: we guess, right now . . . .  and all time between 02/25/2012 when we started this blog!
  • what next: so now we're not sure how to proceed with the blog. since we started the blog as a collaboration and as a way to flex our photo skills it seems impossible to keep those goals in mind when living 900 miles apart. clearly the easiest solution is to take individual photos and post those, but doesn't that delete one of our original goals? working together, because duh we're BFFs since the womb! if we go that route we also loose the creative aspect of photographing each other because most of the photos we'd be sharing would be iPhone photos. so, again it wouldn't be fulfilling one of our original reasons for the blog. However we love looking back through the blog and having our life documented. it's pretty cool. we clearly have lost that in the last few years. we also love the people who regularly ask us about the blog or check in our posts! we realize we don't have a HUGE following by any means but that was never our goal. so do you guys want more outfit, iphone photo posts? do you want to see more our regular life? hear about what we're shopping for? reviews of what we've recently bought? HELP. this is new territory for us and we're not 100% sure of how to proceed. heck, we're not even 48% sure of how to proceed . . . . ha. share some feed back with us either down below in the comments or on our most recent instagram. let us know what you want to see, if anything? 
below is basically our current life situation.  stupid 900 miles between indiana & new hampshire.