three is our new favorite number. cake & valley.

yesterday our little blog turned three.  it's been a slow year on hear mainly due to a little thing called life! which in all honesty is okay with us.  we miss the daily outfit photo taking, the editing, and the posting but we'll get back into the full swing of things soon. we're just taking our time {and if you know us personally, that shouldn't surprise you!!!} the last year has brought many smiles, tears, laughs, sorrow, joy, anxiety, and an abundance of love. so, all you hundreds of thousands of readers out there {note sarcasm} join us in wishing our blog a very happy birthday.  we <3 our little space of the internet & all the readers who join us.

plus stayed tuned because in our next post we're finally showing you the armoire we built and cake's master bedroom! get excited!!!


cake & valley.


home & garden version 0.5. cake & valley.

alright people we'd hope to do our first official post in our new series of "home & garden" but when your sister has a herniated disc in her back and needs help ASAP you fly to help a girl out! so this is just a peek into what the room looks like now!!!! exciting!!! lots of pictures will be posted as soon as we get back from Indianapolis and can properly document the transformation!


cake & valley.

see before picture here.


from the bottom of her heart. georgina.

okay, okay, it probably would have proved more prudent to post this little Valentine's Day tutorial last week but we wanted the cards to be a surprise to our family & friends so we saved it for today. you can thank us next year :)

when you have a little 11 month old you think of the cutest way possible to send out love cards on her behalf.  so, we came up with a fun little craft project! it's super easy, cheap & effective! what more could a girl want?!?!!? just take a look.

hope you all had a great february 14th filled with love & laughter!

cake & valley.

SUPPLIES- red washable paint, soft paint brush {we opted not to buy the cheapest one because we were afraid it would scratch little georgi's tush,} heavy duty paper, permanent marker, and a little dimply baby butt.

now all you have to do is paint that little butt & make squart her down on each piece of paper! baby let the good times & giggles roll! Georgina was very curious about the red paint for the first five or six cards and then she got pretty annoyed with the constant painting of her butt.  however, we successfully made it through the making of 15 heart/butt prints.  we laid them out on the table and let them dry overnight.

to finish up the project take your sharpie & add a cute little saying! viola. {see not much too it & major impact!!} if you have questions let us know!


home & garden. cake & valley.

so part of the reason we've been MIA over the last six months is because we've both purchased ourselves some fancy-dancy condominiums! ahhhhhhhhh, say what?!?! it's sad to say that one of them is in new hampshire while the other is in indiana . . .  but we digress.  in true home owner fashion (pun intended) we've spent many hours and much of our clothing budgets on our new places. so, over the course of the next few months we'll be giving you guys little peaks into our homes.  some of it will be pretty and some of it really won't be "blog worthy" but we'll show you anyway! up first this weekend is a "build your own armoire" . . . . . yup you read that right. . . yikes. . . . wish us luck; thanks ikea.


cake & valley

ps. this is the before picture . . . aka the calm before the storm! (once it's all put together it will be the first post in our home & garden series!!)


new year new post. cake.

another post . . . say what?! and the wind was giving us the perfect wind-blown model hair :) don't you just love the soft peach top paired with these liberty jeans? to us it's a great combination of color, pattern, and effortless chicness. wish we'd gotten a few more photos, but can't dwell on the past. plus we're pretty sure we love this look so much it could just appear on the blog again {and we'd guarantee better photos!}

happy tuesday blogettes!


cake & valley

ps. a blog post is not scheduled for tomorrow, but have no fear we will return this week!  no more disappearing acts! pinky promise.

top: target {long sleeved version here}, jeans: liberty of london x j.crew {these are old but here's a great alternative pair}, shoes: target, sunglasses: prada {similar here}, necklace: jennifer zeuner, watch: michele. bracelet: kate spade.


new year new post. valley.

yup, we're back in the blogging game, red lips and all. it would take too long to write out a post all about why we were absent the last few months {errrrr . . . . half a year}; so, for now we're just catching you up on a few outfit posts we'd already planned out but never got posted. So forgive the fact that they are so summer-y and just enjoy the fact we got a new post up.  YIPPEE


cake & valley

ps. if you're really interested in what we've been you can a) either follow us on instagram or b) just keep reading/following the blog. we figure we'll eventually drop hints here & there as to why we've been so quite.

top: j.crew {similar here}, jeans: paige {same cut but slightly more distressed version here}, shoes: old navy {similar here}, bag: j.crew {similar here}, sunglasses: target {similar here}, earrings: target, lips: sephora.