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so part of the reason we've been MIA over the last six months is because we've both purchased ourselves some fancy-dancy condominiums! ahhhhhhhhh, say what?!?! it's sad to say that one of them is in new hampshire while the other is in indiana . . .  but we digress.  in true home owner fashion (pun intended) we've spent many hours and much of our clothing budgets on our new places. so, over the course of the next few months we'll be giving you guys little peaks into our homes.  some of it will be pretty and some of it really won't be "blog worthy" but we'll show you anyway! up first this weekend is a "build your own armoire" . . . . . yup you read that right. . . yikes. . . . wish us luck; thanks ikea.


cake & valley

ps. this is the before picture . . . aka the calm before the storm! (once it's all put together it will be the first post in our home & garden series!!)

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