from the bottom of her heart. georgina.

okay, okay, it probably would have proved more prudent to post this little Valentine's Day tutorial last week but we wanted the cards to be a surprise to our family & friends so we saved it for today. you can thank us next year :)

when you have a little 11 month old you think of the cutest way possible to send out love cards on her behalf.  so, we came up with a fun little craft project! it's super easy, cheap & effective! what more could a girl want?!?!!? just take a look.

hope you all had a great february 14th filled with love & laughter!

cake & valley.

SUPPLIES- red washable paint, soft paint brush {we opted not to buy the cheapest one because we were afraid it would scratch little georgi's tush,} heavy duty paper, permanent marker, and a little dimply baby butt.

now all you have to do is paint that little butt & make squart her down on each piece of paper! baby let the good times & giggles roll! Georgina was very curious about the red paint for the first five or six cards and then she got pretty annoyed with the constant painting of her butt.  however, we successfully made it through the making of 15 heart/butt prints.  we laid them out on the table and let them dry overnight.

to finish up the project take your sharpie & add a cute little saying! viola. {see not much too it & major impact!!} if you have questions let us know!

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