double boot-y. cake & valley.

so remember this post here? well, we finally got a chance to do a double look, meaning we both styled & wore our boots for a look to share with you.  the boots are uber comfy & offered us both a chance to have an easy, chic, & relaxed fall look! the weather even cooperated with us and we had a beautiful sunny, yet chilly, day!!! full H2T* looks to follow, so stay tuned!!!

happy monday.

xo. cake & valley

can you guess who's who?!?!

*H2T= head to toe, thanks Tyra Banks!


  1. You ladies are rocking those boots! I love the idea of showing two ways to wear them- can't wait to see the head to toe look!!


  2. I like the muted tones on these boots! They will go with plenty in your closet!

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    Glad I found your site!
    Allie at alliewears.com

  3. Modeling from H2T! I remember that ANTM! :D The boots look really unique and stylish! *jealous*