late bloom. cake.

"what's that you said?"...."oh you saw these shorts last week on valley? well, they are so comfortable & cute!"

as you scroll through this post you'll slowly quickly notice that we're missing a few pictures. you'll probably ask yourself, "three pictures? really . . . come on we need more than that!" but the truth is  when we headed out to take these pictures the sun was setting and we needed to find a photo location stat!  these blooming bushes were in our parents neighbor's yard and we LOVED how beautiful they looked & the light was perfect. however, we felt a little weird about wandering into another person's yard. so we continued our hunt for another photo location.  we tried out a few alternative spots but none were working.  so, we strolled back to this location.

we noticed that there were no cars parked at the neighbor's house which probably meant no one was home. we quietly convinced ourselves we could quickly sneak into their yard and snap some photos. so we did! we're both happy with the way the photos turned out; but, we rushed to take outfit photos and missed out on snapping a few more detailed pictures of our outfits.  hence only three pictures today.

we were both so nervous that our neighbors were secretly spies and their lawn was hardwired to alert the police of any strange activity as soon as anyone stepped on the grass; that we both kept looking around for the police cars to come zooming around the corner, surround the yard, and arrest us! HA!

and that's a little tuesday story for all our readers :)

xo. cake & valley.

hot pink nails.

late bloom.

chambray shirt: target, pull over: j.crew {similar here & here}, shorts: old navy, bracelets: chan luu & j.crew, shoes: target.


  1. These three are great reflections of your outfit though! Adore those shorts and how you paired it with that J.Crew pullover! =)


  2. Love the shorts, I have the same pair :)


  3. love this outfit, especially with the pop of sequins!

    Leopard and Lillies

  4. love that super sparkly pullover!! hahah how funny what you went through to get these!


  5. Love the new hair missy :) I'm still trying to figure out which neighbor... AND love the sparkle top!!

  6. Those shorts are adorable!

    xo Jennifer