latte colors. valley.

taking a few small steps into fall fashion :)
so, its back to a summer-y looking post . . . yikes! we know we're saying one thing ("we love fall". . . blah blah blah) and then posting these photos where we're wearing summer shorts . . . blah blah blah . . . but you just gotta love us, right? :)

anywho- while we're both ready for fall, there are still a few summer outfits left in our repertoire. such as today's and tomorrow's posts. truth be told, who doesn't love a little indian summer?! when you live in the mid-west most of your life you've got to take full advantage of the early fall days to still wear your favorite shorts, dresses, and sandals. so, we're doing just that. we have the mentality of easing into fall...one day & one outfit at a time.

these photos are taken on the steps to one of our favorite buildings on saint mary's college campus. the art building {did you hear singing angels too?!?}. it has a small gallery inside and after we finished taking our photos we popped inside and took a look around. art work from college students can't be beat, they're all just tapping into their creative juices . . . it's pretty amazing.

if you live in a city where there's a college or university we highly encourage you to take an afternoon or weekend morning to stop by the art building and look around at what the young folk are creating. it will undoubtedly inspire you!


xo. cake & valley

taking pictures on steps guarantees a good work out on your legs! 

white nails & polka dots.

latte colors.

shorts: old navy, top: madewell {similar here}, shoes: target {similar here}, bracelet: tiffany & co, pinky ring: charming charlie.

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  1. love those shorts, i had wanted to get them from old navy!


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