can we get an amen. cake & valley.

when we started this blog we never really set any goals for ourselves except to have fun together. in the beginning we didn't even want to tell anyone we had a blog. we were blog-shy. we weren't sure if we'd be able to sustain a blog that focused on us doing stuff together when we live 900 miles away from each other . . . but hey we're making it work. we'll roll with all the curves life throws our way :)

however, maybe about a month ago we were talking about how, despite not having any real end goals with the blog, we would feel really accomplished if another blogger listed us on their blog {much like how we have a blog lust list.} and then you know what happened . . . we're listed on a blog! you can imagine how many high pitched screams were shared over facetime that evening!  just take a look for your self!!!

so can we get an amen & a hallelujah.
cake & valley have arrived as bloggers!
we've moved on from being shy...well sort of...
happy thursday.

xo. cake & valley

now skip on over to my hands made it  {the blog we're listed on } and check out mrs. sheaffer's own fabulousness!


  1. Big hugs and congrats.


  2. Hahahaha! You ladies are hilarious. Love you! xo