'cation time. cake & valley.

this weekend is a weekend of vacation time for the two of us. one is a weekend get away, and the other is stay-cation. cake is off to new mexico to support her hubby in a college soccer tournament and valley is hosting another sister in chicago. we'll be sure to share pictures in the upcoming week or so. its hard to travel without one another. sitting in the airport, giggling on the plane, and waiting for your baggage to come down the carousel is much more enjoyable when you have your best friend next to you.soon enough we'll be in the same city and craziness will ensue.

if you're vacationing this weekend (and we hope you are) we wish you safe travels and a fun adventure. we'll "see" you all on the flip-side.

cake & valley

valley's has a guest coming in for the weekend
cake trying to travel on her own