alley cat. valley

dancing in the alley.

dying for a new pair of pants this fall? try a whole new shape of pants all together- the palazzo pants. they are the extreme opposite of all the skinny pants you probably already own.  this style offers a great alternative for your fall wardrobe.  palazzo pants are easy to wear with either flats or heels, great for a day of brunch & shopping or a date night. they are comfy, fun, and a great way to mix-up your wardrobe.

a few tips for selecting & buying the perfect pair of palazzo pants.

1) when shopping for these pants wear, or take a pair of shoes, you'll probably end up wearing with the pants when you get them home.
2) head to either target, F21, urban outfitters . . . etc to buy a pair that won't break the bank {these pants won't be the foundation to your fall wardrobe, rather they'll end up being a great accent to your fall wardrobe.}
3) buy the pants in a neutral color or small single-color print. can you imagine these pants in huge bold print? hello 1990!

and the last most important tip . . .
4) when you're trying on palazzo pants and none of them are fitting or looking like you would like. don't. buy. them.

if you need more help when shopping for palazzo pants, we're here to help!

xo. cake & valley

close up on the print.

you can see a sliver of the beautiful fall sunset colors in the reflection of the sunglasses.

red, white, blue, and gold.

looking good!

alley cat.

top: michael stars, pants: target {similar pair here}, bag: gucci {similar here}, ring: ysl {similar here}, sunglasses: ray-ban.


  1. I adore the look of palazzo pants! I think they can so chic!
    Great tips!

  2. I almost bought those pants1

    xo Jennifer