our time. cake & valley.

we share a lot of little bits of our lives with you guys on the blog. but today we thought we'd share a little peak into what we're fondly calling "our time." little pieces of our lives that never make it to the blog . . . except today they are. a look back at our time in april :)

enjoy looking into our non-blogging time!


cake & valley.

cuddle time.

 hair time.

 brunch time.

cute time.

 mr.coffee & cake time <3.

latte time.

flower time. 

wine time. 

 tulip time.

our time.


  1. I love this post! So great to get a more personal peek into your life! I also LOVE that dress you're wearing!!

  2. This post is so cute & it's lovely to get a little peek into the more personal bits! I also love that you call your boy 'coffee' too, you look gorgeous in that photo by the way, such a pretty dress! And how adorable is your pup?! :)

  3. What great shots! Agree with the above, the insight into your personal life is so refreshing. And your pup is SO CUTE I can't stand it :)
    xx M

    The Marcy Stop