welcome. mom.

I love color; maybe you've noticed that Cake & Valley inherited some of that.  I used to have dark brown hair and like most young women my hair was my primary adornment.   Now it is snow white, which makes me easily identifiable in a crowd {see here for a picture of cake & valley with me}.  But the lack of color needed to be addressed.  I found the solution in my reading glasses.  I have MANY and am usually able to coordinate my glasses with my outfit.  Some of them are featured below.  They are great fun.  I hope you have fun with your look and be sure to include some color in your accessories!

a glimpse of the MANY readers.

even the eyeglass cases are fun colored.
can you see the pair that escaped and is now hiding with the cases? :)

a little sparkle never hurt anyone.

rhapsody in blue.

this pair is printed on the inside.

a purple lucite inspired pair.


  1. the fashion apply doesn't fall far from the tree :) ha.
    thanks for stopping by.

    xo. cake & valley.