welcome. molly.

my name's molly.  i like making things.  because i believe you can make something out of anything, i use all sorts of stuff to make my things, like buttons, paper, clay, the dreams of small woodland creatures, and actual crafting doodley-dads.  stylistically, i'm drawn to things that are bold and bright, i've started adventuring into layering patterns in my daily wardrobe and am looking forward to experimenting with pattern in my art, too.  i'm a big fan of comfort, so i lean towards dresses that are easy to pop on and go, and i look to accessories (both hand-made and purchased, gotta love that combo) to bring some variety to the old standbys.  after many years of crafting late into the night and foisting my creations upon unsuspecting friends and random bystanders, i figure it's time to start offering my wares on the interwebs in exhange for monetary compensation.  so that i can buy more buttons and the cycle can continue! my etsy site (to be called 'mollvelous things') will start off as a venue for smaller things like jewelry.

 eventually i want to also include bigger things like handmade books, drawings, and paintings. once i stop giving everything away as presents.  thanks to cake and valley for letting me hijack a post, i hope you all check me out once the site is up and running like a champion racehorse. here's a drawing of a dino.

cake & valley side note: as soon as mollvelous things is up and running we'll make sure to let all our readers know :)

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