vacation. cake & valley.

it has been a busy summer for both of us, and now its time to enjoy some needed vacation time.
we'll be up on lake michigan with our family. in lieu of cake & valley posts this week, we've invited some of our real life friends and blog bffs to share their thoughts on style. style is not limited to the clothing we put on our backs, or the shoes we step into, it extends well beyond that into a actual characteristic of a person. someone who wears jeans and a white t-shirt 365 days a year, may be one of the most stylish friends you have.  its because they pull off jeans and a white t-shirt in a way no one else would be able too. to us that seems to be a character trait to that person and not something material or man made. being surrounded by artists for the majority of our lives have helped us see that style and beauty come in so many forms and can be presented in so many different ways. this week our friends will share with you how they define style. you'll see blogs ranging from personal style to event styling and things in between. our goal is to always stay true to ourselves.  we feel style comes from within. is this cheesy? you betcha, but that's who we are. so sit back and enjoy our visitors. this week life is as stress free as a walk on the beach.

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