full turban. valley.

tutorial #2
the full turban look.

hope you all liked yesterday's half turban tutorial; because here's another one :)
this time, it's for a full head wrap/turban look.  this is a great style for any day you don't feel like washing your dirty hair {score!} again, we tried to break the process down step by step. so just follow along and think about rocking this look next time you're on your couch dreading washing your hair and styling it! just cover it up with a full turban!!


xo. cake & valley

ps. wanna wear this look some where fancy? this style looks great with a broach pinned front & center!!

pps. any other tutorials people want to see?

start with a big scarf. like yesterday's style it needs to wrap around your head twice.

fold it in half, so you have a large triangle.

place the scarf on your head so that the flat {folded side} is in back.

bring the long two ends to the front.

once both ends are in the front, begin to tightly double knot the two ends together. you'll end up with a little triangle hanging right in your face!

grab the small triangle and begin to roll it back towards your head.

next, tuck the rolled triangle either over or under the knot you just made. the heaviness of the scarf will help determine if you should tuck over or under :)

take the two long ends and start twisting them both in the same direction. both ends, simultaneously, should start rotating in either a counter clockwise or a clockwise circle. 

here you can see that side 1 started to move down as side two started to move up. this is right before you'll have to release one side, only to re-grab it once you adjusted your arms so they won't get all tangled together!

after a full circle side 1 and side 2 will have returned to their starting points and you'll have a little turban knot!

bring your two ends to the back of your head.

now just double knot or bow tie the two ends together.
lastly, adjust your hair & tuck in any loose ends of the scarf.
you should be all set now :)

top view, with the little triangle tucked & the two ends twisted into a knot.

back view, with a little bow.

great side view! this scarf works great because it has a boarder  and really accents the full turban style.


  1. Wow, you make that look so easy and chic! I definitely need to try that! You are right...it's perfect for not-so-clean hair! :)

    xo Jenny

    1. next time you see one of use wearing this style you'll KNOW we just didn't feel like doing our hair! HA!
      thanks for swinging by!!

      xo. cake & valley

  2. This is such a cool tutorial....wish I was as able as you! Yes, this is a cool idea for a bad hair day!