beach vacation recap. cake & valley.

just over a week ago our family spent seven amazing days at a lake house in Union Pier, MI.  we played board games, cooked, napped, went to the beach & pool, and generally relaxed. 

it was great to spend just some quality time with family. no holiday or wedding to get in our way :) we did however celebrate the first birthday of our niece violet. {she's the cutest little thing!!!} check it out!

checking out her goods.

violet and her newest friend.

a few nights during the week, we made the 15 minute trek to the beach to watch the sunset. there were some stunning colors & it's always good to feel the sand between your toes.

on our walk to the beach we heard a woodpecker.  this is what we all looked like! ha.

walking off into the sunset.

sunset at lake michigan.

most nights we spent cooking at the house. it was nice because we each had an assigned night to prepare dinner for the rest of the crew.  it was a good way to ensure no one felt responsible to cook & clean up all the time.  when it came time for our mom to have her night in the kitchen she decided to take us all out. it was a great move on her part- because what's a beach vacation if you don't go out for burgers and fries!

anyone who lives in the midwest has heard of this place.

ready to bite into a legend.

the food has arrived.

we had a rainy day so all the girls headed shopping!  we had a lot of fun & found some great deals. of course the best & cutest of them all was when nana bought violet her first snow suit! doesn't she look like boo from monsters inc!!!

the last morning we decided to head to this little bakery right down the road from the lake house. turns out that it has one the best breakfasts we'd all ever had. if you're ever in this neck of the woods be sure to stop and pick up a muffin and grab a cup of french press coffee!

{they also had a mouth watering lunch menu}

valley & our dad, waiting on breakfast!

chocolate chip, strawberry, and bacon maple muffins. SO good!

Violet was thirsty after eating those muffins.

that's a determined face.  she was working hard to climb the steps.

violet wanted to try on auntie valley's hat!!

someone enjoyed vacation.
hope you all enjoyed a little peak into our summer trip.  looking back we wish we'd nabbed a few more pictures of the lake and the amazing dinners we all cooked & shared together; but actually the best part of vacation is who you spend it with.

love ya family :)

xo. cake & valley.


  1. OBSESSED with baby Vi in these pics!!! Her SNOWSUIT AHHH!!!! ALWAYS pressies for Vi! and the last pic of her is a framer!!!! Glad the whole fam had a great time.

  2. Great pictures!


  3. what beautiful shots!


  4. what a cutie!


  5. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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