gang green. sister time.

the last two days of photos were taken a few weeks ago when cake was making a last minute sister's weekend happen before, what is now refereed to as, "the BIG move."  we had just finished brunch and stumbled across these amazing green doors.  after spending time snapping pictures of each other, we were able to convince our oldest sister to join in the fun!  and let us tell you, it took some convincing! trust us, we understand the awkward feeling of "modeling" in public; and this spot was on a busy street in valley's chicago neighborhood.  we had already gotten a few strange looks and a random guy staring at us the entire time!  oh well, guess that's part of being a photo blogger, right?!?

anyhow, we think our sister did a great job and was wearing a great outfit. just take a look for yourself.

xo. cake & valley. 

strutting' her stuff . . . .work it.

stripes and tribal.

zipper details.

glitz'd up hoops.

nails, nails, nails.

sorry no outfit details. if you're interested in anything our sister is wearing just comment and we'll get you all the information!

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