valley. volume three.

pattern on pattern 1

pattern on pattern 2

pattern on pattern 3

pattern 4

i know a lot of fashion bloggers are really into the trend of pattern on pattern. i love it, but don't feel like i can always pull it off or wear it to work. i've been able to do it in a minimal way sometimes, but not to the extreme as i've seen in magazines and on other bloggers. do others feel this way? 

one way i've interpreted this trend, is to put pattern on pattern in my apartment. i love this an an alternative route to the same end point. my apartment is always a "work in progress" in terms of decoration, so using throw pillows, bedding, curtains, and a lamp shade i've been able to achieve this look. also these things are easy to replace, so when i'm over this trend, i can make the needed changes without having to invest too much money.  i've linked to some of my favorite bloggers who've worn pattern on pattern just to keep this volume focused on the real trend at hand. i hope you like them too. Also, go enjoy your saturday! 

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