cake. chronicle three.


moving + no shower = head scarf.

wardrobe: handle with care. no joke.

lily of the valley.
this past weekend my husband and i moved out of our first house. he's owned it for the last six years and i've lived there for just under four. we've had some great memories in that space. like when my husband planted a whole patch of lily of the valley in our the garden out front just because i told him it was my favorite. it's a bitter sweet moment for us {like most changes}. his new job is taking us over 840 miles away from our families but i'm so thrilled and happy for this new adventure. i'm so thankful that valley and i have started this blog as a space to share our lives with one another and all of you. seriously, we're having the most fun doing this blog! it's rejuvenated all our creative juices that have been pretty dormant since graduating college. so be sure to stay tuned. lots of more fun, good times, and style coming your way. xo.


  1. Can't WAIT to visit you!!! Hope the move went as well as can be expected!

  2. Good luck on your new adventure!!

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