cake & valley. white out.

the white top is a girls best friend and if you know us personally you've probably realized we both love the basic white top and jeans. actually, we're kind of obsessed; we've talked at great length at trying to plan a trip where we would both just wear lots of different white tops and jeans.  (you never know it could will happen?!)  the white top is just such a good staple, if you pick the right one in the morning you can run errands, walk your dog, go to work, site see, and eat out all in the same top. you can also totally change a look by adding a necklace, lipstick, belt, or heels. what more could you ask for? so, below we've selected just a few white tops that we'd like to add to our closets.  some are your basics and others have a little bit more pizazz.  take your pick!

white out.

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