pizza by george. cake & valley.

the last 18 hours of our time together was spent about 90 miles east of chicago in our hometown; which means lots of family time!!! and if any of you out there have met our dad it probably means you've eaten his pizza too.  his homemade pizza pretty much makes a weekly appearance. it's definitely the choice food for friday night family dinners, birthday celebrations, and even saturday morning breakfast! it's kinda of like toast, right?

our dad starts with his homemade crust and then adds fresh toppings that range from apples & blue cheese, caramelized onions & garlic sauteed mushrooms, to the classic sausage & cheese. once the crust has been topped it's placed onto a hot cast iron skillet and baked in a high temp oven.  the cast iron makes sure to give the crust a nice crisp with out burning it. after about a ten to twelve minute bake and a five minute cool down . . . viola pizza by george is ready. mouth watering yet? if not take a look at the pictures below!

alright guys that's all we've got for this wednesday.
thanks for reading.

xo. cake & valley

the last few pieces of fresh mozzarella.

starting to put together the pizza. 
sausage added.

cooking in the oven. getting close to being ready . . .

finished product before we all devoured it.


  1. The pizza sounds fabulous...I am now starved for pizza!

  2. Mmm that looks fantastic!

    xo Jennifer


  3. I can almost taste that pizza! Looks amazing!


  4. yummmmy! such a delicious looking pizza. i might just have to try it out



  5. Love homemade pizza...this looks so yummy!

    The Glossy Life