golden arches. valley.

valley blending in with the fall sunset shadows & colors.

last week chicago experienced, what we would call, an indian summer. it reached almost 80 degrees, which for chicago, in october is a miracle!!! {we've seen snow by this date some years} with the warm weather we lived it up as the last chance to wear our short sleeved tees & summer wedges to dinner with some friends. of course we had to take our jackets too because the weatherman predicted a 30 degree drop by the end of the sunset; and boy was he right. the midwest can be one tricky s.o.b.

the famous saying goes, "if you don't like the weather here in the midwest, just give it thirty minutes, it will change!" ha. so true.

that's all we've got for today.
happy monday. 
make it a great one.

xo. cake & valley.

a neutral maxi skirt is a must have for season transitions.

gold bows x2

little pop of texture: snake skin belt.

windy city.
skirt: madewell {similar here}, t-shirt: LNA, belt: anthropologie {similar here}, jacket: zara {similar here}, shoes: target, hair combs: target {similar here}, sunglasses: chanel.


  1. I love the brown of this skirt paired with the black and white – such a nice play on neutrals. Gorgeous photos!

    Sea and Swank

  2. Love everything about this post and the previous 2 bloggers stated my thoughts exactly.

  3. Lovely outfit, love the cute hair pins too!


  4. omg, that belt is everything. These pictures are beyond stunning. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my magazine feature. Eek! So exciting. xo


  5. So gorgeous! I love the maxi skirt for fall - I still need to figure out how to style mine!