itty bitty party committee halloween look. cake.

once again cake & valley have partnered with the fabulous duo of the itty bitty party committee for some all hallows eve looks. since halloween falls on a work day we've styled two looks that are office (and happy hour appropriate) but are not specifically classified as costumes. it can be quite the uncomfortable situation when you're the only one at your office who arrives in full on costume. so if you're not into that specific situation, then perhaps you can get some inspiration from us on how to take a few key pieces from your closet that can make a perfect appropriate, spirited, and festive halloween office look!!

today's look is a non-witchy witch outfit while tomorrow's look is a non-boo ghoul get up. so, get scared and prepared for some halloween looks. when we styled these looks we were adamant that each piece we picked be something that we did not buy in a halloween store or costume shop. these two looks are not the only way to dress up for halloween without having to wear a costume but they might just be the most fun. when brainstorming for your look just make sure to be creative and maybe a little scary too.

cake's non-costume witch look is the combination of fall style and the traditional halloween colors black & orange. as you can see she chose a long skirt, boots, and a high neck top which are enough witch details to give a magical visual representation. no need for the pointy hat or the broom! to step up her look cake added some extra chic items; a black fur muff and a rhinestone collar necklace. one last minute addition of a leather peplum belt makes sure to ensure an ultra modern chic feeling. now all she needs to do is give a few sideways glares & mutter a few words under her breath and everyone at work will be under her witchy spell!

stay tuned for valley's look tomorrow.

xo. cake & valley.

skirt: banana republic {similar here}, turtleneck: anthropologie {similar here}, peplum belt: zara, necklace: h&m {similar here}, boots: h&m {similar here}, fur muff: vintage.

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  1. cute belt! Would love your thoughts on my latest post!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings 

  2. loving that peplum belt! so cool

    Molly and MacKenzie

    1. um, how cute are two?!?!?! love a good sister blog :)
      totally started following you two!!

      xo. c & v

  3. Cute look! Loving that peplum belt and your necklace!


  4. Aww that last picture is cute :) I like this non-costume halloween look. That peplum belt is genius!

  5. Fantastic look! I am really loving the long skirt with the peplum belt! Super cute outfit!


  6. love your style!
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