google reader tutorial. cake & valley.

alright, confession, we've been bad bad bad bloggers the last two weeks and haven't posted a single outfit for you all to ohhhh & ahhhh over, biggest sorry ever! but honestly sometimes life gets in the way of all our blogging fun! we promise the next few weeks will be filled with some really charming fall looks! so get excited and please accept our deepest apologies!!!

so, awhile ago we promised a google reader tutorial and now is the perfect time for us to get around to doing it. {mostly because we've put it off for sometime!} for those of you who don't know what a google reader is, this tutorial will be very informative. you'll basically look back in a few months and think, "how did i ever live without this??"

your google reader is one of the easiest ways to track, view, and organize all your blogs. this is a full proof way to never miss a new post, because once you've subscribed to a blog your reader will notify you of new posts, kind of like an e-mail!  it's a blogging miracle, HA! plus, your google reader is linked right to your g-mail account. so when you log into your account, you're logged into your reader! which means it's a snap to check! hope you enjoy this little post :)

happy friday & thanks for accepting our apology!

xo. cake & valley.

ps. you have the whole weekend to ready yourself for monday's look :)

pps. if you have any questions just drop us an e-mail and we'll virtually walk you through the whole google reader process!

step 1 :: log into your gmail account. {we like to start out a tutorial with a step that is super easy :D}

step 2 :: once you've logged in to your account, you'll see at the very top of your web browser page is a list of drop down menus. located the one that says "more." once that's been selected the drop down menu will have a whole list of other categories to select from; choose the word "reader."

step 3 :: you will be prompted to a page similar to the one below.  on this page you want to select the big red box that says "subscribe." once you've clicked that box a search box will appear. enter either a blog address {example :: www.cakeandvalley.blogspot.com} or searchable words {example :: cake and valley blog.} then click the word "add" voila you've subscribed to the blog! but what does that mean . . . .

lastly :: each new post will appear in your reader. so just scroll through all the posts & enjoy easy blog viewing!!! enjoy!

easy peasy right? 


  1. love it, its really easy!


  2. Such a lovely post, so helpful! :)

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