valley. volume six.

summer is flying by. are you thinking the same thing? its already the middle of july. C-R-A-Z-Y! seriously. doesn't memorial day feel like yesterday?

yet, i am secretly ready for fall. {insert evil laugh here}. bwahahahaha.

last weekend while doing some saturday shopping i bought a pair of boots! while it is certainly too hot in the midwest to wear them, my mind is now in full on fall mode. i'm dreaming of chunky sweaters, fall colored scarves, and obviously my new boots. the boots were such an incredible price there was no way i was going to pass them up. the store was practically giving them away. which brings me to the topic of this volume: buy your fall boots now! there are so many good boot deals out there. while most of the boots on sale now are left over from the winter/spring collections, that does not mean they wont wear well this fall. the boots i bought are very similar to these boots, which i've been drooling over since the Loeffler Randall pre-fall 2012 collection came out. after buy boots for a such a price i began poking around some of my favorite sites and saw lots of good deals. so i'm sharing with you some of my favorite pre-fall boots. just check out the links below.

pair one.
pair two. (doesn't get more classic than these!)
pair three. (these are suppose to be so comfy)

i know its certainly not ideal to spend money on something you can't wear for weeks to come, but once the weather cools, and you pull out your fall sweaters and scarves, you'll be so glad you've got new boots to put on. and you'll know you got a great deal on them. delayed gratification. it C-R-A-Z-Y how good it can feel.

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  1. I just mentioned to Dan that I couldn't wait for chunky sweater, hot tea kind of days :)