the shore. cake & valley {and mr. coffee}.

here we are at the shore! 

with the weather being so hot lately we knew we need a day to cool off at the water! the little slice of the shore we found wasn't to crowded so we were able to explore a little bit {excellent} the rocks were a little hard to navigate but they were cool under our hot feet, a much needed break. when we were getting dressed in the morning valley questioned whether she should wear her fedora until she remembered this video. {HA, so true} this video made us like john a tiny sliver. thanks. 

outfit details tomorrow & friday. enjoy.

xo. cake & valley. *

hopping from rock to rock.

turning around to see exactly how far we'd gone.

going a out a little further . . . 

headed back in.

almost on solid {sand} ground.

cake's husband was nice enough to take our together photos. we (cake & valley) came up with a cute little nickname for him too . . . . .wait for it . . . .  mr. coffee.  we came up with this name for two amazing reasons:
  1. he's an avid, obsessed, addicted, coffee drinker.
  2. he's married to cake! so when they are together we can refer to them as coffeecake. delicious & adorable!

*xo. cake & valley {and mr.coffee}.


  1. Lovely beach pics, looks like a great time! I really like the beachy prints and pink accents in your outfit - great for vacation!

  2. Great pop of pink in you outfit and it looks like you you all had a great time! Glad to have found you via the color challenge and look forward to another one!


  3. Beautiful pictures - and I love that maxi dress!