100th post. cake & valley.

happy 4th of july to america and happy 100th post to cake & valley. 

 and blue.

we both thought for our 100th post we would share a little more about why we started this blog and who we are. 

cake & valley was started so that we, as set of long distance twins, could stay connected to each other through the most fun way we could imagine; taking photographs & documenting what we wear. 

ever since we were little girls we would spend hours trying on our clothes. layering them in "interesting" ways {anyone else out there remember the brand, multiples? yup we had tons of that stuff} and stealing clothes from our older sisters' closets.  after years of funky layering and some outfits we'd both like to forget, we've each stumbled upon our own styles {we also realized it's a continuing evolution}. surprisingly, we do have slightly different styles.

we also both have a nack for remembering everything we've worn and to what event. we will both often be asked "is that new? I've never seen it before" and we can both say, "no, i wore it six months ago when we went to eat at . . . or saw this movie . . .  .etc" this blog will only exaggerate that "problem"!

together we attended the University of Notre Dame and after a semester of encouragement from our parents we both pursued majors in art; specifically in photography. through out our semesters in college we fell in love with portraiture photography. we love the stories and emotion that each face, pair of hands, or set of feet can express. they can ignite memories, stir past & future emotions, and inspire motivation. 

we're thankful for the last 29 years of freedom & support our family and friends have given to us to experiment with our clothing and had the encouragement to study photography and the history of visual arts. we honestly can't wait to see what the next 29 years of life changes, art, and fashion bring into our lives. we want to continue to grow in our own styles. we like to examine the evolution of our lives and art through our style.

ultimately cake & valley has a mission to inspire, not dictat you into a fashion style. we are not here to say what you should wear or to make ourselves superior to others, but rather "here we are, and this is what we're wearing, & perhaps it will inspire you to try something new." 

we are always striving to combined our three loves; getting dressed, photography, and each other.

xo. cake & valley.

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  1. LOVE the red, white and blue pic. LOVE you guys. LOVE your blog!!