a wedge between two thorns. cake & valley.

as promised, a double shoe picture! we both wore our floral wedges out to dinner recently. twins. luckily for us, and our five inch wedges, we were dropped off at the front door of the restaurant. unfortunately the restaurant hadn't been warned we were coming with an extra ten inches of height, and they sat us up a flight of stairs, down a narrow cat-walk lined with tables, and through another packed dining room.  after we safely arrived at the table without tumbling onto other restaurant patron, we both let out a sigh of relief! during the course of the evening valley got three different complements on her wedges, while cake silently pouted in the corner. ha. clearly, we know who wore the shoe better :)

outfit pictures tomorrow and friday. 
we know the suspense is killing you. but stay tuned.
xo. cake & valley.

ps can you guess who is who by our feet?

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