valley. volume four.

leopard 1

leopard 2

leopard 3

so life this week has been very busy. well, work life has been really really busy. lots going on, and i don't always deal with stress in a good way. i'm a worry wort and a stress ball. i am always working on trying to control stress better, but i'm not sure its working. i think i'm caught in my own catch 22 of stress. *sigh*

my leopard shoes are one way i approaching my stress in style. i only have three pairs...all pictured above...but i love them and wear them with everything. i know materials things are not the answers to my stress problems, but these sure do the trick {and they let me do it in style!}. *sigh*

in other news, the weekend is here! i'm out & about today in a pair of my leopard print shoes, even though i'm not stressed. love it.

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