cake. chronicle five.

i'm on the road back to indiana, i'll be there for the next seven weeks! the next 863 miles promise to get me pretty excited for my arrival back to the midwest.  while i'm there i plan on spending lots of time with my family (both old & new), catching up on my reading, and enjoying all the amenities of the midwest that my tiny new hampshire town doesn't have! 

new hampshire isn't so bad :)

however, my main job while i'm home will be teaching art at an all girls fine arts camp! i've been teaching at this camp for the last four summers. Valley and I actually worked at the camp as counselors when we were in college and to go one step further we also attend this camp when we were in fifth-eight grade! this camp holds a really special place in both our hearts, mostly because we made some of the most amazing life long friends while we were there. and i think, maybe more importantly, this camp empowered us all (with the help of our awesome parents) to pursue the arts at a higher educational level.  all the women we met at camp {and have remained friends with} went on to study photography, creative writing, acting, sculpture, art history, fashion design, architecture and ceramics as our majors in college! how crazy is that, right? {long live F.A.C}

once camp starts i'll be sure to post a few pictures of my class projects, me rocking out to some justin beiber with my new 11 year old bff, and all the late night pillow parties! it officially feels like summer guys.

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