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alright ladies & gents it's my turn to offer some insight into our latest trip to F21! hope you enjoy & that it helps when you hit up their website and/or store! oh, and hope you had a good weekend & happy monday.



ps. the computer is fixed!!!!! we'll be fully up & running by thursday :)


i love this top & know i'll get tons of use out of it this summer. i'll wear it over a bikini or with jean shorts or flared jeans & heels . . . .  and i even imagine wearing into the fall layered under sweaters and some killed boots {but i can wait for that look, bring on the summer heat!} with anything like this from F21 i make sure to wash with very little heat & i always let it air dry. i've found with something like this it almost always shrinks! just a little heads up :) link & i bought a size M.


i thought this was sooooo cute & still do but i HATE HATE HATE when embellishments stop at the shoulder. i think it makes the top look cheaper then it already is! so, as soon as i noticed that, this item was a no go. oh well. link & i think i tired on a small. i'm currently eyeing these styles here, here, & here.


looking back i wish i'd bought this. i think i'd already had so many misses with other stuff at this point & i didn't feel like taking off my pants so the fit was totally off  . . . thus the reason i passed. in hindsight i think i would have gotten lots of use out of this. it was soft, a midi length, and a great piece to pair with lots of jewelry to make for an easy chic go-to look. i'll probably try and go to a F21 in the next few weeks to see if i can pick this up and add it to my closet. link & this is a size L.


yes another pass for me. this was cute & sweet but did i need it? i always walk the line between buying something like this because i know i'll wear it and feeling like i have a closet full of stuff like this already because i wear stuff like this all the time {especially now that i'm home with georgina full time.} plus as stated above i was already in the mood of passing on almost everything; so, i left this cute little guy in the fitting room. similar style here & i tried on a M.


i loooove striped tops & recently realized i have lots of blue & white or black & white striped tops but no red & white striped tops. so you can imagine my excitement when i spied this little guy. sadly i didn't like the fit or the permanently rolled sleeved. for some reason i imagined that little detail driving me crazy! random, yes, but if it was already driving me crazy in the fitting rooms, i knew it would never get worn. of course the only version of a similar top i could find online does not have a rolled sleeve . . .  grr . . . here's the link & i tried on a M.

purchased but not pictured: this necklace set- this was a must! it was packaged all together and so i was hesitant because i hate when you have to wear something a certain way but after seeing the price tag i figured i could make due. i was pleasantly surprised when i opened up the packaging and discovered it was actually three separate necklaces! bonus! the go perfectly with some of the other little delicate gold necklaces i own. so now i just have more to play around & layer in all sorts of mix and match patterns!

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