25. cake.

for all our new readers & our old ones too . . . . here are twenty-five things you might not know about cake! get ready for valley's 25 tomorrow :)


cake & valley.

  1. i learned to drive at age 25.
  2. i love the color blue.
  3. i want to take a trip where i only pack white tops & jeans.
  4. getting a manicure & pedicure every other week is my little slice of heaven on earth.
  5. i have four tattoos & have plans for at least two more.
  6. i wore black nail polish on my wedding day.
  7. i never craved ice cream or french fries until i met my husband who loves those two things.
  8. i firmly believe ranch is the best thing ever.
  9. i hadn't really thought about becoming a mom until i met my husband.
  10. i one time thought whipped butter was whipped cream and piled it on top of a belgium waffle when i was little and tried to eat it. it was the grossest thing ever. i've never told that story to anyone before.
  11. i'm on an anxiety/insomnia medication for post-partum depression & going on it is one of the best decision i've ever made.
  12. i meet my husband at a wedding in california & we dated long distance for more than 18 months; he lived in indiana & i lived in NYC.
  13. i never knew i liked chicken fried rice or coconut until I got pregnant. that's all i craved for the second trimester of pregnancy. during my first trimester all i ate was apples, cucumbers, and celery; seriously the crunchier the better.
  14. i was forced to touch my twin sister's teeth once.
  15. i find #14 to be one of the oddest experiences of my life. 
  16. i write letters/emails to people to get my anger out but never send them. i'm usually over it by the time i'm done writing. 
  17. when it's hot-hot outside i like to drive with the windows down & the air conditioning on full blast.
  18. i hate hate hate talking on the phone, please for the love of god don't leave a voicemail just text me!
  19. i really want lavender hair but hate to think of the long term damage.
  20. i've been an art teacher, cupcake decorator, stylist, pointe shoe fitter, puzzle painter, library filing extraordinaire for eight years, museum photographer/cataloguer . . . and i still have no clue as to what i want to be when i grow up.
  21. i hate that i try to finish other people's sentences allllll the time. i just cant seem to break the habit.
  22. coffee morning. noon. and night. always.
  23. i one time sneezed so many times in a row that when i was walking to get a tissue i nearly passed out from being so light headed.
  24. i want all the turquoise jewelry in the world. it's my favorite.
  25. i plan all my outfits around how i'm going to style my hair & if it's not a good hair day, you might as well assume i'm in a bad mood.

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