daughter. cake.

with mother's day coming up cake is taking over the blog and talking shop . . .  as in mom talk. and no it is not a gift guide on what you should buy your mom that we've never met before!
today ya'll will get a chance to get to know her daughter a little better & maybe cake too :)

georgina lea was born on a tuesday morning & right from the start she knew who she wanted and who she liked. within minutes of meeting anyone new she made it clear if she liked you or not. she's 100% sure of her internal instincts and she's a tough cookie to sway. she's always preferred a female energy versus any male energy, which still holds true to this day. ironically she refused to go to her papa george when she was a newborn, who she is named after, and it has taken three long years for him to get in her good graces {most kids just adore him, he makes kids puzzles for a living!} good luck to her future boyfriends & ex-boyfriends.

georgina is extremely routine oriented, as a baby she would get tired for a nap at exactly three hours of wake time, like to the minute of three hours. she would always sleep the same amount of time, 40 minutes. she kept this routine until she turned one and a half and went to a one nap routine.  and even now at three years old she still requests an afternoon "quite time" at 1 pm. we've tried breaking up her routine but she thrives on it. i'm curious to see how strict she will be on herself when we give her more freedom to stray from her routine. but for the time being the routine works for us!

because of her natural intuition & her love of a routine we're pretty sure she'll have one best friend for life. she'll find that one friend and stick to them like glue and hold them in a special place in her heart. i hope they're worthy of this type of loyalty. we've already seen a glimpse at the future and georgi's loyalty to her first daycare teacher, miss lily. five months ago she switched classrooms and to this day she still talks about how much she loves miss lily & that she was her best friend. georgi has even gone to the her old classroom and invited miss lily over to our house to eat fruit roll-ups and watch mickey mouse clubhouse.

she loves beef jerky. she loves to wear a swimsuit in the bathtub. she could read & draw all day. she hates to disappoint you & when she does something she knows you like she'll ask, "does that make you happy mama?" she can be bribed into taking a picture with a piece of taffy. she loves elle king & any song she sings. she has so much confidence in herself & i hope she never loses it. she hates, like hates, to splash in the bath or get water on her face. she still asks to get "uppy." she loves the idea of treats & sweets but after a few bites she's over it & is happy to share. she sings in the car. she loves getting new books & clothes. she wants mary poppin's to be her nanny. she named her first baby doll Caramel. she's can not be talked into doing something new, she will do it on her own time & when she's ready. she is not competitive in the less, it doesn't motivate her.

in a nutshell, she is perfect for us. we love her to pieces and even though we go through rough phases with her {i.e. she's a threenager right now} she's amazing. she's the daughter i could never have dreamed up or known i needed so badly. thanks to whom ever i need to thank for letting me be her mama.



ps. tomorrow is Prescott's turn. and now for an absurd amount of never before shared pictures <3

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  1. Love this! Makes me so excited to see what personality my little guy will develop when he gets older. xo your old puppy mommy