flare. cake & valley.

the flared jean is making it's triumphant return and we couldn't be more elated. the flare has been on our radar since day one; literally cake's first look on the blog was a flared jean {see look here*} we love the easy laid back vibe the flare/wide leg jean provides. because of the style & cut of the pant it requires you to wear a heel and we looooove the long leg look you achieve when these jeans are styled just right. it means that all a girl needs is an easy breezy top and BHAM instant style! we collected a few of our favorite past looks and can't wait to bring you more of the flared style this summer because we both just bought new pairs of jeans :)

at the very bottom we've linked to our current favorite flares, so check em out!

happy friday. make sure to have a fabulous weekend.


cake & valley,

*okay you can't see the full look in the post we linked to above but you can see it here! ha! we took these photos first but posted them later because we thought the lighting was terrible; beginning blog 101.

flares to invest in: here, here, & here
flares to wear to work: here, here, & here
flares to wear on the weekend: here, here, & here
flares to save on: here, here, & here
flares for the summer: here, here, & here

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