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are you all hung over today? did you have a nice st. patrick's day? we both had our regularly scheduled lives just in green clothes :) :) 

anywho . . . . moving onto today & tomorrow's posts . . . .  in case you all were wondering Forever 21 has been killing it lately with their new collections; so, we've slowly been picking up a top here & jacket there and started to realize that we've collected quite a few, cough a lot cough, pieces! to honor all our new closet items we thought it would be fun to share with you what we've bought. some of the pictures are taken after being styled while some of them are taken when we receive our on-line order and/or purchase from in store {so excuse the lack of all the blog worthy pictures!} 

today cake will share her F21 booty & on deck is valley, whose post will go live tomorrow.  once you've had a chance to read through our reviews let us know if you have any questions and if you'd like us to keep doing posts like this. we had a pretty good time putting this together but don't want to waste your precious time if it's a total flop and you hate it!!!

thanks for stopping by & happy hump day.
we're that much closer to the weekend.


cake & valley.

sweatshirt review: As a new mom I'm always looking for easy & comfy tops to pair with jeans. As soon as I saw and felt this sweatshirt I knew I'd buy it. It has that great worn in feel and I'm always a sucker for something baseball cut.  I know it won't last me season to season but I'm okay with that. This is a size large in case you wanted to order.

skirt review: Another great comfy must have- jersey pencil skits! Great color, great length, and great price. Also perfect for travel {no wrinkles} & sight seeing. Dress up with heels or pair with running shoes. I'm wearing a size medium.

top & skirt review: I'd been lusting after a matching top & skirt combo for sometime but didn't want to break the bank on buying what I assume is a short lived trend. Luckily I feel like this top and skirt are two items I will wear separately {bonus.} Worst part about this look is I'm in between sizes; the top pictures I'm wearing a size large skirt and it's very comfy but I think just a touch to long and too big on the sides for the look I'm going for. Unfortunately the medium skirt, pictured in the bottom pictures, felt slightly too snug for my liking but I prefer the length and look of it. So in the end I've stuck with the large and will spend $20 to have it altered. The top is a medium.

jumpsuit review: As soon as I saw this online I knew I wanted it. When it arrived I was skeptical but after a few supportive texts from my sisters they convinced me it was french-chic and not hazmat suit ugly. A good steaming, a killer pair of heels, a huge hat, hair & make-up and I think we'll be in business. I'm wearing a medium.

high waisted stripped shorts review: If i loved my legs and knew I could get a killer tan this summer I'd keep these in a heart beat but sadly neither of those things are true. So, I'm returning them. Plus I'm not forever 21 and when I bent over you could see alllll my business :) these are a size large.

off-the-shoulder top review: if you're a boho fanatic this shirt is a must. It's photographing funky but I'm obsessed! This is a size medium.

button down review: a great layering piece in the fall/winter/spring & perfect for a casual beach cover up in the summer because it's so light weight. I love the length and would definitely order more shirts with the same cut in different patterns or solid colors; only drawback is that I've found it's very static-y. Pictured is a size medium.


  1. LOVE the review! I might need to run out and grab that pink/coral skirt and you look fabulous in the white jumpsuit!


  2. Love the white jumpsuit. I'll need lots of white numbers for wedding festivities and this would be a great alternative to a dress!