summer 2014. cake & valley.

it already feels like summer is over and it's not even the middle of august yet . . . why is that? maybe it's because we blissfully spent the last few months traveling around the midwest together, countless walks on the beaches of lake michigan happened, hours spent eating at the family dinner table together, and lots of warm evenings watching little georgi giggle until she got so excited she cried are all over.  we're now slowly working our way back into our fall schedules. valley's gearing up for her busy travel season & the academic school year is kicking off and cake is settling in for soccer season, early bedtimes with a five month old and trying to figure out what's next. oh boy . . .  life just keeps chugging forward but before we let go of the summer's warm haze we'd like to share a few snippets of our summer 2014.

maybe we can squeeze a few more weeks out of summer . . . .
and it feels great to be back in great wide world of blogging.
see ya tomorrow.


cake & valley.

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  1. Too much cuteness!! That little lip...precious!! I totally know what you mean--summer flew by!