lulu. cake.

so when you're 9 months pregnant & have to get dressed to run errands; leggings are the only item that will work. And when you're running errands with friends you make them all wear leggings too so you don't feel like a lone soldier! that's a true story. cake made everyone, she demanded, that everyone we were with wear leggings one saturday. in honor of that glorious day, we're sharing just how to stylishly wear leggings in the middle of winter! maybe not our most fashionably proud moment but maybe one of our most comfortable ones :)
happy mardi gras.


cake & valley.

leggings: lululemon, boots: hunter, jacket: add down {similar here}, tunic: asos, swing top: free people {similar here}, hat: banana republic {similar here}, sunglasses: target, mittens: made by our mom


  1. leggings = pregnant lady joy :) cake looks fabulous!


  2. I love this story. You are the cutest pregnant person ever!! And I can't believe your mom made those mittens!! They are amazing.

    xo Amy