coats. coats. coats. cake & valley.

try saying that three times fast; a lot like boats boats boats . . .  starts to sound a little weird right?!?!? ha! hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some sunny warm weather {or warm-ish weather depending on where you live!} today we've put together the top coat styles we LOVE to wear & layer during the winter. just take a look. also, sorry this is such a long post! next time we'll split this into a two day thing!!!


cake & valley.

1) a pea coat- we both own this classic cut in a fun color & we wear them all the time!!!

2) the "envelope" coat - you'll be able to see right away this is the best coat to dress up & dress down.

3) the midi length khaki coat- a closet staple that every girl should have.

4) the puffer coat- you definitely need one of these if the temperature drops below freezing where you live!

5) faux fur vest- layer it on top of another coat, layer it under another coat, or just wear it by itself. best. winter. accessory.

6) blazer - use this spring staple on a warmer winter day & just layer it over a heavy sweater!

7) leather coat- you just need one fabulous leather coat & it will take you places!

8) quilted jacket-no matter if it's a fancy barbour or a simple one from target just make sure it fits you well

9) fatigue- cake is obsessed with this style & can't help herself when it comes to buying these in short, long or vest style!

10) statement coats- this is where you just buy what you love, can't go wrong with that :) go for unique clasps, fun patterns, and different shapes. just remember you won't get the most use out of these coats but you'll love wearing them when you do!!!

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  1. y'all look amazing! You just literally inspired a slew of looks to come on my blog, I feel like a collaboration needs to happen in someway because you're both so FABULOUS!! I look forward to all that you both come up with :))

    C's Evolution of Style