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monday marks a sad day for many bloggers & blog fans alike- it's the end of the google reader. insert super sad face. google reader was an easy, simple, and straightforward way to track all your favorite blogs. but we can't dwell on the negative, so we're sharing the best alternative ways to follow our blog & and all your other blog friends! take a look below at the different ways, check 'em all out, and let us know if you've got questions! we're working on getting little icons to link to each site so finding us everywhere will be easier! and then we'll be real bloggers. insert super happy face!


cake & valley.

1) facebook- an easy way to get a daily update in your news feed for each new post & see which other bloggers and businesses we love. 

2) instagram- a great visual alternative to the reader. we post pictures from each new blog post to let you know what's happening on the blog. we also share lots of fun pictures of what's happening in our lives outside of the blog.

3) feedly- this is cake's new favorite way of following all her blogs. as soon as you log in; just use you're gmail account info, and all your google reader blogs will appear. click around to get the settings just right for you & bam you've got the new google reader!

4) bloglovin- much like feedly you can import all your blogs from your reader & snap you have a new way of checking out which blogger have posted new posts!

5) pinterest {here & here}- lastly is the fabulous internet pin board that is pinterest! we each have our own accounts here and we both have lots of inspiring boards of food, home decor, friendship, humor, and of course fashion & style!! 

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  1. oh my goodness, i totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder, love. If you have a moment, I'd love if you'd check out my latest photo diary. :) xo