swoon. cake & valley.

we're totally swooning over the blog faiiint; in fact our last few posts have been inspired by her stylish ways. she's totally dark, mysterious, and probably the greatest thing since black tights came back in style {but really when were they ever out of style . . . we digress.} Stephanie is the master mind behind the blog, as well as the face of the blog. And not only is she an amazing stylist & model she makes her own clothes! just check out this leather jacket . . . . totally amazing, right!?! we've pulled a few of our most recent favorites to share with you. now, make sure to take a peek at her blog here, twitter here, instagram here, facebook here  . . .  and yeah we pretty much guarantee you'll swoon over her too!


cake & valley.

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  1. Awww such lovely words about my granddaughter Steph & yes, i am very proud of her. Thank you girls. Wishing you both all the best. *Grom* xx ( that`s what she calls me-- short for grandma)

  2. Girls, you have literally made my week with these posts, thankyou! So sweet of you, I am actually blushing! ♡
    And yes, that is my Grandma, I think she is the blogs no.1 fan! Hah! ;)

    1. OH GOODIE!!! we're glad we did you proud!
      and we're pretty sure your grandma couldn't get any cuter!!!!!

      xo. c & v

    2. lol-- i don`t know about cute, more a nosey person with lots of time on my hands !!! BUT i am very interested in fashion & just wish i was young enough to wear some of them. Going to ask Steph to make me a dress ( black of course) you never know, you might see me on her blog one day. ha. Take care. Grom. xx