field of dreams. valley.

how'd you all enjoy may 1st?!?!?! super exciting that spring has finally arrived . . . well at least for half the country. can you believe it's snowing in denver & half the midwest. sad face.  keeping our fingers crossed we don't get any of it where we live. if we do we'll both be well equipped as neither of us have put away our winter wardrobe & swapped in our spring/summer clothes. especially those little helpful accessories like hats, scarves, and cute white sweaters :)


cake & valley.

ps we'll take the sun any day, even if there's a morning chill in the air.

sweater: zara {similar here}, shirt: j.crew {similar here}, jeans: siwy, boots: loeffler randall {similar here & here}, hat: banana republic, bag: marc jacobs {similar here}, sunglasses: chanel


  1. It has definitely been one of the strangest May's I have ever experienced - it's 37 degrees right now in Oklahoma (we're usually in the 80s by now!). Boo. I just want to wear sandals! Anyway, even though you are forced to wear boots and a sweater right now, you look super cute. Those boots are so cool!

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Spring shows up soon for you guys! On the bright side, you get to wear those amazing boots!!

    xo Amy
    blog: urbanfrill
    shop: poppy

  3. Don't worry! The lighter layering will be here soon! I love the way you have the bright pink under that adorable sweater though. :)


  4. Cute! Love the pop of pink gingham!