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when cake & valley asked us to guest post while they were on vacation, we just had to say yes! {itty bitty party committee and cake & valley have teamed up before- see here & here} we couldn't be more excited to share our thoughts on style. the thing we love most about working weddings & events is the fashion we get to see! all the guests put on their fanciest duds to celebrate a common cause. dressing for an event can be tricky at times, but if you break it down into two key elements it's not so overwhelming: pick the right cut/style for the occasion & let your personality shine through your outfit. there are occasions that require a certain type of attire, but adding your own personal flare is no sweat. the answer: accessorize!!! add some color, add some texture, add some pattern, add some SPARKLE! for an evening wedding a black dress is appropriate, but try spicing it up with a statement piece or some killer shoes. use your little black dress as a blank canvas to showcase your favorite pieces & accessories. you feel your best when you are comfortable & feel like yourself in an outfit. your jewels may be sparkling, but more importantly, your personality should be too!  

itty bitty person 1, carson: I love the LBD. I think it's a wonderful party dress & there is so much you can do with it! Here are two of my favorite things to do with the LBD. First is the POP of color - bright pink being my first choice. I think pink really draws the eye while adding a playful hint to your outfit. My second choice is being a fierce glamazon with your LBD! Let your accessories be bold & glittery. You don't need a ton of accessories to make your outfit truly fierce! Choose a few statement pieces that really set you apart from the crowd!

itty bitty person 2, kathleen: The Little Black Dress is so versatile, you can pair it with almost anything for any occasion. This is why we are mildly obsessed with it (just a little). For an outdoor summer evening wedding, try a knee-length or tea-length black dress paired with soft colors & floral accents. Nothing says summer like a pair of wedge espadrilles! Can't decide between a few of your favorite accessories? Try mixing textures together to add depth to your look. I love brightly colored suede shoes with a little layered jewelry or leather handbag to tie the ensemble together. Have fun with your outfit, try new combinations, bend the rules!

three cheers for the Little Black Dress!

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